sendSMS and Project Fi

So I am sitting here with a new Nexus on Project Fi, and just as with my old Google Voice number, SmartThings is unable to deliver SMS messages to it. Now my Project Fi number was ported from Google Voice so that is not all that surprising.

My question is to anyone here that is using Project Fi (ported from GV or otherwise - preferably the latter), and that is whether or not you are seeing the same failures with SMS from SmartThings?

Appreciate any and all feedback!

Nevermind… it seems something else is awry.

I have the 6P on Fi and it has worked great. I have used Google Voice since it was in beta with GrandCentral. There was a period of time where STs would not text Google Voice numbers but that was quite some time ago. I ported my GV number to Fi and it has worked flawlessly.