SMS Notifications Not Working

I stopped receiving SMS notifications from SmartThings as of Sunday afternoon. Is anyone still getting their SMS delivered?

I am, just got one actually.

Could it have something to do with the snedPush() stuff we found not to long ago?

I am getting all of them. Thru hello home actions as well as other SmartApps.

I’m having no problem–I get several each day. The only problem I ever had was when I used a Google Voice number many months ago (it was a known issue).

That’s not it. Push is working fine. I have both push and SMS enabled in Smart Alarm and I’ve been receiving both for several days until Sunday evening (around 5 pm). Since then I’m only getting push messages. Makes me wonder if ST imposes a limit on a number of SMS messages.

It is a GV number and it’s been working just fine for me until Sunday and I still can receive SMS from other sources, so I’m pretty sure the problem is not on GV side.

sendPush() from apps are fine. I wrote a small SmartApp (too shy to share) which checks my wife’s and my presence once we are home or away and validates whether the mode is actually set to what it is what we think it should be. Don’t want the Sonos and Siren and hues acting weird on the missus when she gets home. Call me whipped. :wink: how else can I persue this hobby? :slight_smile:

There is an issue with pushes being sent on install. Documented by Geko and I on the forum.

It was worth a shot lol