Unable to get notifications, IOS

(JF) #1

Hello, I just set up my ST hub and a few door sensors. Unfortunately after setting up simple alert for open and close the door I am not getting any notifications in Notification Center, not even when I put in a phone number to text me…

(Edward Pope) #2

@jefo13 I have noticed the same thing recently. I think they have an issue currently that they are working to resolve. Please send in a support request to indicate your issue. It is possible that it might be out of the norm at this point/


We aren’t having any issues with our push notification provider. If you’re not seeing push notifications make sure that you’ve enabled push notifications for SmartThings in your phone settings.

The issue with some users (mainly in Canada) not receiving text messages was patched yesterday. If you’re still not receiving text messages email us at support@smartthings.com and include your wireless carrier.

(Edward Pope) #4

@Tyler I myself do not currently own a phone, I use a Nexus 7 (Gen2) for my current android stuff. However a friend has a phone that is on Verizon, and it was not receiving text messages. After some communication with Support, I found that the problem is that he is using Google Voice and unfortunately this is what is causing the problem currently. You guys had to shift to a short code which apparently Google Voice doesn’t support. I understand that you are working on it currently, so no worries here. I just created code that would send the text to many numbers (which was on my list to do anyways (SMILE))


That was me you talked to :slight_smile: GV should be fixed soon.

(Edward Pope) #6

Whoops did not make the connection. Well, thank you so much (SMILE). I certainly appreciate your help and support. I know the people here in the community do as well.

(Edward Pope) #7

And, well since you did not have a status update, I guess I was kinda doing that for the community (SMILE).

Speaking of that @Tyler, I know you guys have a status page, but why not have a page that details current issues that your support group is looking into. No data other than the issue would need to be presented. Subject lines of incoming tickets, or have the ticket submitter categorize what the general issue is and just present a chart of incoming issues on a daily basis? It might help us a customers see if the issue has been reported, and also for us to gage if this is a new problem or a part of a larger ongoing issue over time.

(JF) #8

There was an issue with on the Smartthong’s end Luckily patience fixed it all, the next day all was well. Loving it!