Receiving text alerts incorrectly

Hi all,

New to SmartThings, but set up up a z-wave sensor on our garage door more than a month ago and it’s worked great. For some reason however, just this week it started sending me a text message every time the door opens. This, despite it not being configured to do so.

I remember when setting up trying to get this feature to work but it seemingly didn’t and in fact I’ve never been able to see mention of my phone number anywhere. I’ve tried everything I can think of, created an “action” with my number, uninstalled it etc, unfortunately to no avail.

The only place I can see reference to this is when I log in to my account on the web. When I try to dig down a level the web site throws an internal server error message.

Haven’t been able to find anything in the forum here, not that it isn’t buried somewhere.

If anyone has any ideas how to sort this out I’d appreciate it.



By any chance is this a google voice number?

The only reason I ask is that SMS texts to google voice weren’t working for a couple of months, then all of a sudden in the last few days they started working again.

If it’s not a google voice number, I’ve no idea what the issue might be.

Indeed it is a google voice number. Should’ve mentioned it but failed to obviously.


OK, in that case you have a setting somewhere to send that notification. You’ll be able to tell, eventually, from the log what that might be. Right now there are problems with the reporting, though.

Write or use the chat support and they should be able to help you find it and turn it off.

Thanks for the assist. I’m reaching out to SmartThings and we’ll see what they have to say.

Just chiming in… @JDRoberts is correct ( :star:). You probably had SMS notifications set up from the beginning, but GV notifications recently came back online (they work a bit differently than standard phone numbers) and started bombarding you.

If you have not already, reach out to It is the best looking team at SmartThings… and can also let you know which SmartApps are sending the notifications and direct you how to turn them off.

Support go t me sorted out, so all good now. Thanks for the assist everyone!

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