Test Automated Routine: what created this?


Looking for some help.

I have been working with ST support trying to identify the source of a “test” automated routine that is not listed within ST. It seems to be triggered but nothing seems to run.
Here is the excerpt from them.

We’ve reviewed your routine history and located the specific routine in question.

  • Location ID: 52689fb1-ea65-4f67-83f1-b92c4b5990f2
  • Routine ID: f791278d-eb83-49c9-ab72-07b39c19ff9f
  • Routine Name: “Test”
  • Routine Type: ISA (Version: v20190122)
  • Creation Date: 2023-01-17 UTC 00:16:39
  • Shard: na01

It appears this routine was not created via the mobile app but through a tool that supports ISA type routines. Unfortunately, due to the specific nature of this routine, I’m unable to determine the exact method used for its creation. If you remember using any third-party tools or scripts around that time, I recommend checking those to manage or remove this routine.

I do recall using WebCore back in the IDE/Groove days. But that no longer integrates into ST. I did disable all of those rules before the migration. But even if I could get access to the rules not sure it will do any good as it’s not connected anymore. I also had used Simple Command (I think) and some other rules engine that the name escapes me. But I no longer have them on my phone. So currently I have Sharp Tools and Alexa that are integrated into ST but I have no active rules there. As all my routines are in ST. So I am at a loss.

Any thoughts on some ISA’s that were around in Jan 2023 that could have this routine?

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I think they may be saying it is a Rule created with an app token. I’ve only got one such Rule which I created for test purposes, largely to see how I could detect it. Detecting the existence of that Rule and determining the devices it subscribes to is one thing, but actually managing it seems to need an access token from the installed app itself. It doesn’t have to be the app doing the managing, you just need the token.

My understanding was that Rules created by an installed app instance should be deleted when the instance was deleted. So if you aren’t aware of such an app I think we drift a bit outside the areas I think I understand.

I am tempted to throw Glitch into the hat. There were one or two projects on there that were created by SmartThings staff for users to play with Rules and as far as I know they still linger. I seem to remember that Rules created on Glitch weren’t visible elsewhere.


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