Errors when creating a new routine and all my routines are gone too

Sorry I may have posted this in the wrong category already. This was probably the right location.

Hi I didn’t delete my routines but around the same time as you mine disappeared and when I go to add a routine on android I get…


On IOS I get


I think there is something going on with the updates or ST.

Or if anyone has a solution please reply…

Contact ST support

Have you recently started using ST?

Thanks for the reply… is that with Chat or email or something ?

Using it for 6-12 months…

Sorted by ST support. Here is their reply…

Hi ,
Thanks for reaching out! Apologies for the trouble there, it looks like the main module containing your Routines was uninstalled and wiped them out.
I was able to get them reinstated, so they should now appear on your account for you to reconfigure.
If there’s anything more that I can do to help, please feel free to let me know!
All the best
ST Support


Interesting, did you tell you why it was wiped out?