Can not create new routines

Control devices is grayed out when trying to create routines. If try to create routines from a device app just spins and have to force stop… Already tried deleting cache and local storage and reinstalling…

can you describe what device app means? Is that the same as Add Routine in the ST app? screenshot please?

Add Routine in the Android App, either via Automation or Directly from the device → Routines screen.

Can you show the IF section as well?

Yes, just a simple time if setting

You may want to contact ST support on this issue. I would say reboot the hub but doubt that would do anything.

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I don’t like the sound of the Device > Routines behaviour so it could be one for Support. However …

What we haven’t established though is what devices you have. The Routine creator seems to think you don’t have any that it knows how to control. Let’s understand why it is wrong.

I did submit a support ticket via the app. I do have a bunch of devices it seems to know how to control and I can set basic time on and off for switches,

but when I try to create a routine anywhere (via switch, or thermostat or automation, it just spins…)

Looks like it to me too. Just checking as the SmartThings app is kind of two worlds colliding. There are plenty of devices, more on the appliance side of things, that the app can control locally but which have little or no crossover with the automation side.