Routine Created in Device via "Devices" Tab Not Working

In the ST app, I’ve created Routines on the device through the “Device” tab. Tried on two different devices and both times the routines would not execute when conditions were met.

I then created the same Routines on the “Automations” tab and they work. They are visible on the device when I click the “Routines” tab on the device and they are visible on the “Automations” tab in the “Routines” section.

Am I doing something wrong? Are others seeing this same behavior?

Can you post a screenshot of the ones that do not work? What type of device(s)?

Device 1 is an Ecolink door/window sensor with dry contacts. I’m using a Zoom 24 V relay on the dry contacts.

Device 2 is an Aeotec TriSensor motion sensor.

In both cases, I deleted the routines from the devices when I couldn’t get them to work and then re-created them in the Automations section. Screenshots of the new Routines in the Automation tab are attached.