Smart Home Monitor arm and disarm

I would really like a way to arm and disarm SHM using a FOB or a arrival sensor.

The last time i checked I do not think this was possible, but time has passed and I wonder if this is possible now???

As a work around I have an automation that triggers off of my arrival sensor, and the security sensors to sound an alarm, but I would like to be able to arm SHM based on a FOB or the arrival sensor.

It is very easy in the V2 classic app, but not possible in the new V3 app unless you have the ADT model of the hub And use the ADT dual logo fob.

So the problem as I have an ADT model is that arming and disarming from the panel or the ADT FOB only arms and disarms the ADT sensors, which I have found to be problematic on several levels. the front panel, nor the FOB arm and disarm the SHM part of smartthings.

First the ADT sensors, if they go offline, even at 2 in the morning cause the ADT hub to sit there and beep until you resolve the problem. Bypassing the sensor at the hub does not stop the beep for long.

Second I am finding that the ADT sensors kill batteries rather quickly. I have had to replace batteries in two motion sensors already, one of them twice since bringing the system online just a few months ago.

This makes me want to get away from the ADT part of smartthings and use the sensors of my choice, which I am already using in the form of smoke, and water sensors.

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I know that Maverick wrote ADT tools, and i have been hesitant to use his probably wonderful custom code because of my concerns of future compatibility, but if ADT tools can solve these issues I would be Happy to use it.



Yea. ADT Tools does have functionality to keep SHM(location alarm state) and the ADT Alarm Panel state in sync. It does have to be the SHM Version loaded from the classic app though. Basically you configure it in the mode change functionality part of the app. Feel free to hit me up if you have any difficulty.

I hear your concern about the future compatibility of ADT Tools. I have started to look at what it would take to provide a new version based off all of the new API’s and platform. To say it isn’t a easy task is a significant understatement. Beyond just making it work and creating the platform for it to run off, there is also the issue that the new platform technically doesn’t even support the concept of parent Child apps. This means i can’t even replicate it technically. For what its worth, my point though is this isn’t lost on me, and I am starting to research what will need to be done to make it work going forward.

I have had a few conversations with other developers on here about the Groovy platform and the programs on it. Some state they have talked with internal smartthings developers and have been assured the Groovy IDE apps are not going anywhere any time soon.

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I really understand and appreciate the work you have done with ADT tools, and will reiterate my offer to buy the rights to use the app, once you go through the work to adapt the functionality on the new platform


Does it work with the current app, or just the classic app?


You would need to do the initial install in the list of apps from the classic app. Once that is done all future management can be done from the new app.