Synchronize ADT Hub Alarm States and Smart Home Monitor?

You are likely getting that error because you have the flag still flipped to on to create the buttons. Change it back to off and that shouldn’t happen again. It won’t remove the buttons.

The virtual buttons that are part of ADT Tools work in Action tiles. I would suggest you enable them in action tiles to change the various Alarm modes. To have action tiles know what state the ADT Panel is in you should just use the SHM tile. Once the tile is added change it so it is view only and then change the name so it shows ADT Status instead of the default. Just remember that it won’t change until the exit delay you setup in the app for Home alarm status has passed. ie if you set it to 30 seconds you will push the button and then 30 aprox 30 seconds later the status will change in action tiles to the new status.

I would also suggest you put a pin on the Disarm button in action tiles. That is a powerful dangerous button and always remember security.


Great thanks Marrick! Everything is working smoothly now!

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Hi Mavvrick,

I’m struggling to find a method to toggle a scene in my ADT SmartThings hub based on ADT mode. I was hoping the ADT2 app would do it but haven’t figured out a way. Any tips? My plan is to enable an Arlo camera only when system is armed, both home and away.

ADT Tools doesn’t really have anything written to activate a scene at mode change. That said it probably wouldn’t be hard to do.

Your use case is actually already address if you want by ArloPilot. If you go look at the wiki for ADT Tools you will find a section that talks about additional smart apps that improves integrations. In that section Arlopilot is listed and there is a folk provided that I added integration to. The details are Arlopilot fork for ADT . If you install this to resolve this need just treat the ADT panel as SHM in the ARLO Pilot setup.

One sidenote about Arlo Pilot. The original developer has moved to a different platform, so now only maintenance updates are being done by some community member. I apply them to that fork as I see them.

Thanks for the response. I think this would be a terrific enhancement to your ADT2 app. Would you be interested in pursuing this? I think it would be very useful for expanding automation based upon alarm status.

I would strongly suggest you look at Arlopilot. The control and integration it will provide is far more then a scene will allow. You can also already create routines for alarm state change in the Smartthings classic app.

I see that now. Thanks for the reply.