ADT Security Hub Automation?

I set up the ADT security hub with some sensors. Working great.
Now I want to set up some automation so that I can arm/disarm via IFTTT or Alexa or query arm status.
I’ve connected both Alexa and IFTTT in the smart things app and for Alexa added the ADT security skill. When I ask Alexa to arm/disarm it says that the hub is not a security hub. In IFTTT I also don’t see any actions for arming/disarming.
I can see the sensors though.

Any idea what can be wrong here? Or is this not possible?


The ADT Side of the system is silo’d fromm Smartthings. Because of that there are very limited options to sends the alarm panel commands. One option you could use is the “ADT Tools 2” smartapp which adds many options for actions to happen in Smartthings when a alarm is triggered. It will also allow you to create virtual buttons for the alarm to change states. You can then have routines or apps use those buttons to change the alarm mode.

I do not know a way to get Alexa to know the alarm panel status.

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