Sunset automation not adjusting

Ever since dst, one of my smart lighting automations has been acting goofy. I’ve confirmed ide has true sunset time. My smart lighting rule is setup to -20 from sunset. I’ve tried deleting the rule and re-adding it back in, doesn’t fix it. Set time off smart lighting on the same devices works fine.

There have been a few users reporting the same issue. Be sure to contact ST support and report the issue.

At some point your Hello Home was uninstalled which also uninstalls Weather Station and that is what controls sunrise/sunset scheduling.

I reinstalled it for you. You may need to open your Smart Lighting automations and re-save them to force an update.


you might want to help

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Hi, could be work… but already made a hard reset. Thankyou.

@Brad_ST Thanks for the assistance! It was weird it was working, just not at the right time. I’ll watch it tomorrow

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