Sunrise/Sunset Setting Not Working

I just purchased the Smart Things Hub (2018) and using the latest Smart Things Connect app on the latest version of iOS. I have verified my location and time zone are correct. I have several Lutron devices connected to the SM hub that work fine if I manually trigger them at specific times, however, no matter what time at, before or after sunrise/sunset that I setup, the automations do not run. I have not see any latest posts if this is an issue as it appeared a few months ago to be something with the app? Please advise.

You were missing the Hello Home SmartApp which includes the Weather Station SmartApp that controls sunrise/sunset. I added that for you so your automations should run as expected.

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Hi Brad,

Thanks for helping hopefully solve my issue. I have changed my automation settings so they should be activated by sunset/sunrise options I’ve selected.

Is this something that should be automatically included when someone purchases a new SM Hub?


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You’re welcome.

“Hello Home” used to be installed for all locations. The new app doesn’t have Routines though so the logic changed to only install it when a user access the Classic app. But now you have me questioning how sunrise/sunset automations for Smart Lighting created in the new app would ever work…I’ll check and follow up.


I don’t see Hello, Home in my Smart Apps. I use both the classic and new apps on Android with a v2 hub.

I’ve got Smart Lighting automations based on sunset and sunrise that work with no issues.

All sunset/sunrise automations worked perfect yesterday evening and this morning! Thanks again!

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You would only see it in the IDE if you look at Installed SmartApps.

Checked in the IDE on the My SmartApps tab/page. No “Hello, Home”

Still looking in the wrong place. :slight_smile:

My SmartApps is for custom SmartApp code.

My Locations --> Installed SmartApps --> List SmartApps

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Thought I must be but somehow never noticed the right place.

“Hello Home” is, of course, there. And I’ve been pointed at another useful resource on the IDE.


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I’m having the same issue.
I found the hello home smart app, but I don’t have the weather station app, is there a way I can install?

I’m having this same problem but as I’m not a developer I have no idea how to fix this problem. Please help!

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Your Weather Station SmartApp was just installed today. If you are still having trouble tomorrow, let me know.

I just saw this now. Apologies for the delay but I reinstalled the Weather Station SmartApp for you. I also let the support agent you were working with know that I took care of it.

I am having the same problem and I am not sure how to resolve it.


I’m having a similar issue. I’ve been using the Sunset setting for a few months and it worked perfectly until I edited the Automation to add another scene. It shows SunSET through saving the Automation, but when I go back into it, it shows SunRISE. So this morning, all of my lights turned on 30 minutes before sunrise… :roll_eyes: Which implies that it knows when Sunrise would be… About a week ago, I deleted a different Automation for the same reason. Edit, save with SunSET, actually saved as SunRISE. Deleted it, recreated it, same thing.

I just ran into this exact same problem. Trying to save a sunset automation, but when it saves and I check it, it changes to sunrise.

Hi, I have the same problem, I created 2 automations to change mode based on sunrise/sunset and presence and they do not work.
They do however work when I specify exact times, so it looks like it’s a problem with sunrise/sunset settings.

I am based in Europe, I’ve checked the IDE and location is correct, it even displays correct sunset /sunrise times in the location details.

Could not find the Hello World smart app mentioned in this thread, not in the IDE nor the 2 ST phone apps (new & classic).

Please help, thank you.

PS hub is v3, just got it.

I have the same issu. Setup sunset and do nothing. Anyone can explain step by step how we can fix it?

tagging @Brad_ST - he may be able to assist :slight_smile:

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