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Sunrise/Sunset feature stopped working - Samsung won't respond


I had lighting set to turn on/off with at sunset/sunrise, and it stopped working after over a year of working fine. I completely deleted the automations and recreated them. I also rebooted everything associated with SmartThings (router/modem/hub). I also killed power to the smart switches.

Nothing works. I’ve e-mailed Samsung three times. Once they responded with instructions completely related to something else. And, of course, they don’t answer the phone.

Any ideas?

(jkp) #2

in the ST app, change your location to somewhere in a different time zone, save and wait one minute, change back to your correct location and click save

you can check in IDE under My Hub to see if your time zone and sunrise/sunset times are correct.

(Brad) #3

Your weather station SmartApp may also not be updating. Sign in at and navigate to Installed SmartApps. Find the Weather Station and check if it has scheduled jobs and if not, click update and then see if there are Scheduled Jobs.

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(Michael) #4

I have to agree here, sunset and sunrise does not work at all something is seriously wrong with this !!!


I’m not able to access Has the location of the IDE changed?

(jkp) #6

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Thanks jkp. I needed the https apparently. I’m one step closer. This IDE is very helpful. Though when I look for Installed SmartApps, it says I don’t have any. Has the IDE changed?

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(jkp) #8

Click on My Locations, then select Smartapps if you are looking for the weather station

The My Smartapps section in the main menu is only for any custom code that you have installed.

(Bob Kerr) #9

… then click “update” next to the “Weather Station”. After that click on the link and check to make sure that " Scheduled Jobs" section shows pending and the sunset/sunrize for your location is correct.


Ok. Found the SmartApps, but not Weather. I clicked Update on the automations, just in case. I’ll see if it follows sunset correctly this afternoon. Thanks.

(jkp) #11

Have you installed smart lights yet?

(Bob Kerr) #12

If you don’t have a “Weather Station” under your “Hello Home” apps, your sunset/sunrise will not work.


Yes, I have installed smart lights. One triggers 15 mins before sunset, and another to shut off all lights at midnight.


Ok. HA, just added a Weather app. Perhaps sunset was never working right after I migrated from Iris. Iris knew sunset from location.

(Bob Kerr) #15

How did you add it? You cannot add the “Weather Station”, it comes with your hub. If you go to your location, (click “Locations” then click your location name) do you see a section called “Weather” and does it show the correct sunset/sunrize?


I’m learning. I’ve been using the new ST app. I just downloaded the classic app, and then added a weather app. Interesting, when I went back to the IDE, I noticed the classic app lists “Weather Station”. It’s not there under the new app.

(Bob Kerr) #17

So what you are saying is that the Weather Station in ide didn’t show up untill you’ve installed the classic app? If that’s the case, then maybe @Brad_ST can share how the new app handles the sunset/sunrise. I am sure there are a lot of people who didn’t install the classic app and I don’t see many complaints that sunset/sunrise doesn’t work. Or maybe don’t know it yet?

(Christian Jørgensen) #18

Having same issues here - sunrise theme has stopped working, and this has happened several times lately. However in the event log I find the sunrise event and the “routineExcecuted”.

Can anyone with the same issue also check their eventlog under My Locations - Events. Thanks!