STHM Server Error and Devices Missing

Today I have had errors with the new ST app. It would not load the STHM with just server error stated. I emailed support but with no response I decided to try and fix myself. I deleted from IDE and app and reinstalled … fixed until I notices a lot of my devices disappeared … and then I noticed in the IDE a number of devices lost their hub assignment. Not sure what on earth ST are doing but they need to get their act together as not impress if i have to re-install all those devices … So much for new app …improved stability !! Another else had problems ???

What did you delete in IDE because STHM is not in there?

Did you try refreshing the app or force quitting and opening again?

Hi , In the ide I selected the hub and then the smartapps to the right of that. Then in the list of smartapps select edit and then uninstall. Then in the app undersmart app select the three dots top right , and then delete , select STHM and delete. Logged off and back on and added in STHM smartapp again and that work… except over 20 devices drop off the app but still liste din the IDE … managed so far to get two back but cant recover the others … Very annoying !!

Ok so latest update in case this happens to you. Just to recap … STHM showed Server Error or network error all day… So using the IDE I deleted the STHM smartapp, then logged out of the new ST app. Logging back in showed a new working STHM but around 21 devices no longer in the ST app but shown in the IDE. Tried forcing the devices to wake up by taking batteries out back in after 30 seconds or so … worked on a couple but cant do that for virtual devices and that didnt work on quite a few. So I found that if you edit the device in the IDE and change the device type , click the update button and then change it back to its previous type and update button again this fixed it. Took a long time to go through all 20 odd thou so really not impressed with ST at this time … They really need to start looking at their code and making the solution more stable. Hope this might help somebody in the future.

Just to clarify. STHM is not shown in IDE. You most likely removed Smart Home Monitor for the Classic app which is listed in IDE. That is why, when you went back to the new app, STHM was still there. It was not a new working STHM… it was the old existing version.

The only way to remove STHM is from the new app as you described.

Thanks for the update, that might explain why I was having problems with the STHM taking so long to load before it gave up today. Wasnt aware of that but shame it wasnt removed when I deleted it in the old classic app before migrating to the new app. Hopefully another one for other to note perhaps.