STHM Custom monitors app: is it staying or going?

Hubitat is a great platform, but not perfect. There are pros and cons with everything. That being said it wouldn’t have any issue with 63 devices, most of them likely have a driver on the HE side that would work fine. A lot of people went with Hubitat as it supports webcore, which they had a significant time investment in.

Some people have switched “cold turkey” to another platform, often Hubitat. Some ran both either as a migration path or to take advantage of the best of both products. I run HE and ST in parallel. If you choose to run both (or to use as a migration) there are a couple tools that can assist in sharing devices between the two:

  • HubiThings Replica allows you to mirror devices between HE and ST.
  • Mira (my project) allows Hubitat devices to be mirrored back into ST.
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