Hubitat->SmartThings "Mirror" BETA testers wanted

UPDATE: Mira is now available for public use: See the link here:

What it does

  • Allows for the mirroring of devices that are owned by Hubitat to be mirrored to virtual devices in SmartThings.
  • The device creation is only one way (real devices in SmartThings aren’t reflected back in Hubitat) but control and updates are bidirectional.
  • You can turn on a switch in Hubitat and it will show on in corresponding SmartThings virtual device. And vice-versa. Dimming the virtual switch in SmartThings will request that Hubitat do the dimming and report back its new state.
  • Sensor data of shared devices is reflected near-time in SmartThings.

Device types supported

  • Switch
  • Dimmer Switch
  • Thermostat

And Sensors:

  • Motion Sensor
  • Motion / Illuminance Sensor
  • Leak Sensor
  • Leak / Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature / Humidity Sensor
  • Contact Sensor
  • Contact / Temperature Sensor
  • Carbon Dioxide Sensor
  • CO2 / Temperature Sensor
  • CO2 / Temperature / Humidity Sensor
  • Smoke Detector
  • CO Detector
  • CO Detector with Temperature and Humidity
  • Illuminance Sensor
  • Presence Sensor


  • Button
  • Fan Controller
  • Garage Door Controller
  • Lock
  • Bulb
  • Shade/Blind
  • Sound Sensor

More are possible, these are just the first pass.

How to setup

  • Requires a Hubitat Hub (any model that supports Maker API) on the same network subnet as SmartThings hub.
  • Uses the Maker API on Hubitat side (built in app, nothing to install).
  • In Hubitat, create a new instance of the Maker API selecting the specific devices you want to be shared with SmartThings.
  • On SmartThings, install Edge driver. After “Scan Nearby…” , a virtual device for the Hubitat Hub will be created. On its Settings page, input the URL of the Hubitat instance and its access token.
  • For each device shared with SmartThings that matches a supported device type, a separate virtual device will be created on the SmartThings side.

How might I use it
I’m planning on using it for sharing devices that only live on Hubitat with my existing SmartThings ecosystem (app, routines, etc). Looking for input on other ideas here!


Nice! Hub integrations are great. I like being able to connect these ecosystems without re-pairing everything

Cool, I was wondering if someone would figure this out.

Similar idea to the HA Device bridge, but the other way.

I’d be interested in trying that out.

I’ve been toying with moving some of my lights, etc back over to Hubitat.

Ideally I’d love to be able to use something like this to expose my ST devices to Hubitat to be able to use Hubitat’s rule builders to make more complicated rules (ST Routines aren’t cutting it for some things).
Not sure if something like that would be possible in the future.

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Just to be clear, you cannot automatically create a Hubitat device from ST, so you have to do it manually from the Hubitat interface. But a ST device can have a matching virtual Hubitat device mirrors the ST device, and vis-versa? Right?

You could do this with an extra step.

  • Real device (call it ST-D1) lives on ST. For example, a switch.
  • Create a virtual switch device on Hubitat. Call it HE-V1. Add HE-V1 to the list of devices to export to ST.
  • The interface module will create a corresponding virtual switch on the ST side (call it ST-HE-V1). Changes to ST-HE-V1 will be reflected to HE-V1 and vice versa.
  • Create routines on ST-HE-V1 for on and off that will update ST-D1’s actual on and off state.
  • Create routines on ST-D1 for on and off that will update ST-HE-V1’s actual on and off state.

Now if you turn the real device ST-D1 on, the ST-HE-V1 virtual device will request that the Hubitat HE-V1 device turns on.
If you turn the Hubitat HE-V1 virtual device on (manually or with rules), then that state will be reflected first to ST-HE-V1 and then via routines to ST-D1.

Its a bunch of chaining, but its possible…

Device creation (and ownership) is done in Hubitat. They can be zwave, LAN, virtual, doesn’t matter. When you mark that Hubitat device as “shared” in the Maker API control panel, it will be created on the SmartThings side as a mirrored virtual.

  • Sensor updates (temperature, contact, etc) to the Hubitat device are reflected near time to the SmartThings mirrored virtual device.
  • Device updates (on/off/level) to either the Hubitat device OR the ST mirrored virtual are reflected in the other.


Would this integration work with 5-button IKEA remote connected to ST?

I lost the capability of using those devices when I transitioned away from ST to HE.

I would like to have a workaround in place for these ikea devices which are not compatible with HE

Currently no, as I don’t have support for momentary button devices. Buttons are a bit of a pain due to all the iterations of pressed, held, etc plus number of buttons. For these first rounds of testing I’m limiting to less complex device types.

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Since I already have a Maker API token set up in HE for use with Home Assistant, I should be able to use that for these purposes as well, correct?

Does HA use the “POST event” feature of the Maker API for event updates? I would assume it does, unless it just polls.

Only one destination can be used at a time.

Yes, it uses the “POST event” feature.

HubiThings :thinking:

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I’d love to beta test this. I have a fairly complicated SmartThings configuration and I’m moving off components of it to Hubitat that rely on Smartapps, like my vent automation. If I can expose switches on either side of Smartthings and Hubitat I can sync modes which would be ideal to have them controlled by one hub, like Smarthings.

I’m currently migrating parts of my setup from Smartthings to Hubitat.

I’m currently using Web Requestor ([ST Edge] Web Requestor: a driver to issue local POST and GET HTTP requests) to send messages from Smartthings to Hubitat, but is missing something similar the other way around.

I’d be interested in trying out your Edge interface.

I’ve been running SmartThings & Hubitat for a while now, and for the Hubitat → SmartThings connection I’ve been using web requests to the SmartThings REST API. Still, I’m watching this thread with interest to see what @csstup has planned.

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It there perhaps a tutorial or explanation somewhere that you know of where I can learn how to do this? I’m using @TAustin’s fantastic Envisalink drivers and would like to sync the panel status and motion sensors to Hubitat.

By the way, it would be fantastic if this solution could work both ways. The current hub connection solutions will stop working with the demise of groovy and I’ve noticed many asking for a replacement solution. It seems many people run the Smartthings & Hubitat together.

If you already have Hubitat, go to Apps–>Maker API. Under Local URLS can you find the commands to query and control Hubitat devices using a http get request

I do. Will look into that, thank you.

I just found out that Maker API must be installed. Please refer to the guide here: Maker API | Hubitat Documentation

Thank you, much appreciated.

I’m interested in testing this out.