Starting from zero - SmartThings and Fibaro RGBW

Hi All

New here and although I’ve found a few threads that cover segments of what I want to do, I’m a total newb to home automation (other than having Hive heating!) so really need some clarity on what exactly I need and how to do it :slight_smile:

We’re currently having built a new single extension with vaulted roof that I want to uplight with dimmable LED strips, ideally smart control with RGBW if it’s not a lot more complicated. I initially looked at the Hue strip kits but the wife wants regular wall switch control rather than the Philips plastic remote wall mounting so that’s out the window it seems.

So, I think what I should to be looking at is some LED strip, a suitable transformer and a Fibaro RGBW controller with a Smartthings hub but I’m not certain what else I’d need as a minimum or what to tell my sparky in terms of putting wiring in that will support it so have a lot of questions in my head that I haven’t found the answers to

  • Can the Fibaro RGBW be added in isolation to start with and I can then add a Smartthings hub once the build is done or will the Fibaro simply do nothing without being connected to a hub of some sort?
  • Do I need additional Fibaro Dimmer modules as well or will the RGBW module also dim?
  • Is it possible to configure it to at least allow me to on/off/dim the lights using a wall mounted switch (thinking Varilight Powergrid momentary rockers?), and if so what do I need in terms of wiring at the switch end?
  • With the RGBW I assume the LED power supply isn’t dimmed, the dimming is done between the 12/24v output and the LED strip itself, so the power supply is on constantly? If so is having them running 24/7 an issue?


Any reason you’re not using my Fibaro RBGW handler? It allows all parameters to be changed and supports using channels as inputs.

EDIT: I realised I forgot to create a thread for it, so here’s a new one:

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Thanks Robin, that clears things up nicely, so a default set RGBW with toggle switch would just power them on or off with no dimming I assume.

When you say you don’t use physical switches, I’m guessing you’re using LED strips for extra mood lighting rather than a primary light source are you? I’m wondering if that might be a better way for me to do it, put “dumb” dimmable white LED strips in now and then perhaps introduce a separate smart controlled RGBW strip for mood lighting that could then just be app driven.

Sorry to dig up and old thread but. I am trying to see if it is possible to use an in wall RGBW controller RGB controller with the Fibaro RGBW.

My wife likes hard switches vs my love of voice control.


HI All,

I’m trying to establish my best, cheapest, smartthings compatible option for running a rgbw lightstrip around the ceiling perimeter of a small room.

Ideally about 6 meters.

I did have Philips hue strips connected directly to my smartthings hub but after working flawlessly for 4 months they suddenly dropped off the network never to return again.

So now I’m looking for something that will do what they did when they worked and be controllable through stmartthings.

I’ve read about the Fibaro RGBW controller but in my ignorance I have no idea how you would connect a dumb lightstrip to it (if indeed that’s what I should do).

Can anyone help?

Thanks so much Robin.

Is this the right Fibaro device?

If I buy this, the adapters you suggest

and this light strip (not sure if it’s any good as not sure what to look for)

Is that everything I need?

Thanks. so this one would be fine?

This fibaro device

and these adapters

Is that everything I need?

Exactly what I have done.

Thanks so much

so if i get these

This fibaro device

and these adapters

thats everything?

How do I tell if I need it ?

Hi robin.

Sorrry I’m lost.

I’m not using an electrician and I’m just simply trying to replicate a
Philips hue light strip - I’m expecti ng to plug this in to a three pin
socket in the same way as you plug a hue strip and simply hide the module
behind the furniture it will sit on

Thats ok.

Ok. So what do I need to get to do that?

Not worried about looks but certainly safety!

Thanks Robin. So I now have the light strip (including power pack), fibaro, and the things in the pic below.
What’s my best starting move ? Connect one of the things in the picture to the fibaro?


stupid question - can’t see a hole in the box ?

these are the two copper wires inside the power supply cable. Neither have a stripe. Which one is which ?


What is this for ?

Also, you say to add th e black core of the extension to the 12 /24vdc slot, that will mean two wires are connected to that b it (as the power cable is already) is that right ?

Also. I need a bit more slack on the power cable in the box. Can I cut this off ?

Thanks @anon36505037

At some point earlier in the thread you recommended I bought the white extensions in the other pic, thats fine can keep for other stuff.

Looking at this pic of the power cable, can i cut this little barrel off? and re strip the wire?

it’s ok. Seem to have managed iit now

You might as well book a ticket. You are going to do the entire install for him anyway. :smile: