Help needed for a non programmer setting parameters on Fibaro RGBW controller


I am definitely not a programmer and I need some help!

I have a number of Fibarro RGBW controllers. I am using them to control RGB LED strips and White only LED strips. Having sone lots of research and read many threads on this forum I am still stuck!

I need to be able to set parameter 16 on some of my controllers so that they all start in the mode they were last in when power is restored. I also want to individually control 4 white LED strips from a single controller. However, I can’t see how to do either of these things from the Fibarro RGBW Controller app on my SmartThings hub. The ST app appears to default to controlling an RGBW strip but there are many other configurations (the 2 I’ve mentioned above for example) that the modules can be used for.

Can anyone help me make this work?



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