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Starting from zero - SmartThings and Fibaro RGBW

(Robin) #21

It completely depends on your layout… if the strip is going in a large enough recess then you can tuck the module and transformer up there as well, at the end of the strip.

If you’re tight for space next to the strip then you might choose to put the module and transformer behind the switch on the wall, in which case you’ll need 5 core wire to go between the switch and the strip.

Either way you’ll need wire to go between the switch and the light location… be it for the 5 core RGBW wires or the 3 core switch wires.

But you noted in the first post you’re using an electrician… he’ll have suitable wire in the van I’m sure.

Also, that reminds me… you’ll need the switches… 2nr retractable (push to make) wall switches.

(Migt moggy) #22

Hi robin.

Sorrry I’m lost.

I’m not using an electrician and I’m just simply trying to replicate a
Philips hue light strip - I’m expecti ng to plug this in to a three pin
socket in the same way as you plug a hue strip and simply hide the module
behind the furniture it will sit on

(Robin) #23

Sorry… I’m getting you mixed up with the original poster of this thread.

If you want a neat job though… you’ll want to have a bit of slack wire between the strip and the module, and perhaps mount the module in a junction box… otherwise you’ll end up with the module exposed and hanging in mid air from the end of the strip which is a potential fire hazard.

(Migt moggy) #24

Thats ok.

Ok. So what do I need to get to do that?

Not worried about looks but certainly safety!

(Robin) #25

And this instead of the short adaptor wire you chose:

Power supply enclosure?
(Migt moggy) #26

Thanks Robin. So I now have the light strip (including power pack), fibaro, and the things in the pic below.
What’s my best starting move ? Connect one of the things in the picture to the fibaro?


(Robin) #27

Cut the DC Jack off the power supply wire

Thread it through a hole in the junction box (don’t forget this part lol)

Strip the cut end to expose the two copper cores.

Connect both wires to the Fibaro

  • wire with stripe on insulation goes to 12v
  • wire without stripe goes to GND

Cut one end off the RGBW extension wire

Thread it through a hole in the junction box

Strip the ends of the 5 cores within

Connect the 5 wires to the Fibaro

  • R, G, B and W go to the corresponding terminals
  • Black goes to 12v

Connect the other end of the extension wire to the strip

Put the ST app in pairing mode

Plug in power supply and wait for it to pop up in the ST app

Default device handler should be good (should have lots of buttons including ‘police’ ‘fade’ etc.

(Migt moggy) #28

stupid question - can’t see a hole in the box ?

(Robin) #29

You have to make the holes with a drill :wink:

(Migt moggy) #30

these are the two copper wires inside the power supply cable. Neither have a stripe. Which one is which ?

(Robin) #31

Black is GND

You only need about 4mm of copper showing so the insulation touches up to the Fibaro when the wire is inserted.

Cut it to about 8mm copper, fold over double, twist and insert into the Fibaro terminals.

That goes for all wired connections into the Fibaro, doubling over gives a better, stronger connection.

(Migt moggy) #32


What is this for ?

Also, you say to add th e black core of the extension to the 12 /24vdc slot, that will mean two wires are connected to that b it (as the power cable is already) is that right ?

(Migt moggy) #33

Also. I need a bit more slack on the power cable in the box. Can I cut this off ?

(Robin) #34

Did that come with the RGBW kit?

It’s just a short version of the 5m wire you bought… if it’s long enough use it and send back the 5m wire, otherwise keep it safe for a future project.

(Robin) #35

Correct… perhaps you should read the manual?

(Migt moggy) #36

Thanks @RobinWinbourne

At some point earlier in the thread you recommended I bought the white extensions in the other pic, thats fine can keep for other stuff.

Looking at this pic of the power cable, can i cut this little barrel off? and re strip the wire?

(Robin) #37

That’s the ferrite core, it’s intended to reduce the production of electrical interference… ideally you want to keep it but (normally) not the end of the world if you cut it off.

Maybe cut the mains plug off so you can thread the mains wire through the hole instead… that way it’ll be a better job as the transformer can sit in the box as well.

Assume you know how to re-wire a plug?

(Robin) #38

I also said the longer wire was ‘instead’ of the short ones lol

(Migt moggy) #39

it’s ok. Seem to have managed iit now

(Robin) #40

Wrap a cable tie right around each wire where they enter the box to act as a cord grip… if those wires get pulled they will come away from the Fibaro and short circuit something.