Fibaro RGBW Micro

I am wanting to add this to my home automation system.

Can anyone help add this device to be compatible???


I assume you are using the non-US version. I would like to use this also once released in the US.

@urman I know you mentioned working on some of their devices. Have you tried this one?

We have a sample of it, but we are missing the Z-Wave Color Command Class. This one may take a while :frowning:

You can get the US version if you contact Fibaro directly.

I’m looking into one of these as well for some under cabinet lighting in my laundry room. I’ve got a hue light strip there right now but it’s not ideal.

  1. Hue light strips are only 120 lumens.
  2. They are only RGB (No white), so the wife says it “looks like an aquarium light” when trying to do a “regular white”. I can’t say I disagree with her.

I think getting some Ikea Dioders and using the Fibaro would fit the bill, but I’m unsure about getting it to work with SmartThings as they are competitors and the demand isn’t going to be there. I do believe that it uses z-wave though so you should be able to program something yourself if you’d like.

I think this is something that ST should make themselves. Honestly making a PWM dimmer for 3(or 4) channels would be so easy with off the shelf LED drivers.

Personally I would love to see them do the same thing that WigWag did and add a small PIR to the controller so that it can act as both a sensor and a dimmer. That way I dont have to buy two “things” to do a simple task like turn on these under cabinet lights when I walk in the kitchen to get a drink of water in the middle of the night.

…or just support WigWag sensors in ST

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MiCasaVerde has it(Fibaro RGBW Mirco) compatible already for their system.

I have a RGBW Mirco from Fibaro.

I just bought a SparkCore and a PIR. I’m going to give this one a shot.

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The Fibaro RGBW Micro connected and first came up as a Dimmer Switch… Would some help me develop/program this to be able to access the outputs instead of just having one main switch?

Interesting. Does it actually dim lights? I may get one of these if it works out of the box


Did you have any luck with your Fibaro RGBW controller?

I’m amazed at the specs for this item in such a small package. Here is an interesting review:

Unfortunately I have not done anything with it. I have not learned how to dig into it to learn the input and output signals to be able to program it and then to do more with it. It is amazing but I do not have the programming background that I would like to expose the attributes it offers. I was hoping someone from SmartThings would be able to help out with it.


Do you have the US version? Sounds like it may be some time for color to work with SmartThings but does on/off and dimmer function now?

I have the US version. To be honest, I just hooked it up to power and verified I could pair it with SmartThings. I did not actually test out the dimmer functionality. I can try it out further to test the functionality of the dimmer and then if I had someone’s help to help do testing to try to get it to work that would be awesome, and would be well appreciated. I can test it out today after I get off work if that is what you are wanting.


Did you ever try the dimmer? Also, how were you able to purchase it and how much did this cost? I contacted Fibaro a while ago and haven’t gotten a response. I have a white LED strip light and am looking for a controller that works with SmartThings.

I have not messed with it since I bought in hopes ST would add it to their list but they have not done so yet. I bought it from them. I contacted them via their website and the sales guy sent me an invoice and I purchased it through them. I am currently looking into the Philips Hue since that is working with ST. I have currently MiLight and just use it separate to ST.

I’m not able to pair my Fibaro RGBW controller. I tried automatic and pressing the button three times without success.

Any tips?

Try pressing it once and not holding it or pressing three times.

Tried multiple attempts and was just about to give up and it paired.

It dims OK. The on/off status seems to change slowly. As you found, it doesn’t have color control.