[ST EDGE] [RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official 2.0)

Dome Siren Edge Driver

You can install the edge driver from Dome’s Edge Driver Channel.


  1. Click the link above
  2. Log in with your Samsung Account
  3. Click the “Enroll” button next to your hub
  4. Click the “Available Drivers” button
  5. Click the “Install” button below Dome Siren
  6. Add the device


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Can you please send me the donate link.


Thank you.

Once the driver is published I’ll post a link to the channel on this topic.

I think the edge driver docs are on the samsung developer site, but I’ll post a link tonight.

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Thank you very much!

The Hub Connected Devices Documentation has a general overview of drivers and the Edge Driver Reference has all the detailed information.

Going through the code of the built-in drivers can also be helpful. I don’t want to post a link to that GitHub repository to avoid confusion, but you can easily find it by searching GitHub for “SmartThingsEdgeDrivers”.

Thank you VERY much Kevin! I’ll check it out.

And Happy 4th of July (if you celebrate it).


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I’ve published the Driver for the Dome Siren and added the invitation link for Dome’s Channel to this topic’s first post.

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After installing the driver, I am assuming that I will need to exclude the Dome Siren and reinstall the device in order to activate the Edge Driver with in the ST App. Correct?

If so, this will mean that I’ll need to reselect all the device settings and recreate all associated routines.

Will we loose any features by enabling the Edge Driver?

Correct. A device joined with a DTH can’t be changed to a Driver so you’ll need to remove the device and add it again.

Correct, although if you’re using the “2.0” version of the DTH then it shouldn’t have any “settings” because they’re all accessible from the device details screen.

It should have the same functionality as the 2.0 version of the DTH.

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Installed the device with the new driver and it is working fine. Thank you Kevin.

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Thanks Kevin! I installed it on my sirens and it works great!

Will you be working on other Dome device drivers too, and any other drivers for other devices in the future?


I have noticed a longer delay between opening my backdoor and the chime with the edge driver vs. the DTH. Otherwise it is working perfectly, Triggers Alarm from smart things when I manually turn on my First Alert Hardwire smoke detector relay, or with the Ecolink sound detector for my Nest Protects.

Thanks, Kevin thanks to your drivers I am down to just one remaining Custom DTH.

I’m not sure if I’ll be writing any more for Dome since most of their devices are fully functional with the built-in drivers. I’ll be posting a driver for a new Ecolink device within the next couple of weeks, but other than that I’m focusing on writing drivers for Zooz products.

Is the backdoor sensor using a driver? I noticed that controlling it from a routine that executes in the cloud is slower, but it seemed about the same for locally executing routines.

That being said, the speed of this device has always been somewhat random.

The door sensor is a ring contact sensor using the native z-wave plus door and window sensor DTH. My Alexa in the kitchen always chimes before the dome Siren. I verified in the App that the Routine is marked as running locally/

Thank you Kevin!

Hey Kevin,

I noticed that my Dome Leak Sensors and my Dome Water Shutoff Valve are both executing from the cloud using the Dome DTHs. Is there any plan to write new drivers for the leak sensors and water shutoff value? Or should I switch the device type to a Generic device type. Will the Generic device type be adequate to run the devices?



Which action does your Routine use to activate the chime?