[OBSOLETE] Dome Wireless Z-Wave Plus Siren

The Edge Driver can be found here:


This is great and seems to function well on iOS! It has unlocked the capabilities of this device.

With it, I’ve been able to set the alert, chime and beep independently. Just one very minor suggestion would be to change the center icon to “Chime”.

I’ve been able to incorporate the alarm into Smart Home Monitor but am struggling on how to configure Speaker Notify to play the chime. The SmartApp doesn’t recognize the Device as a Speaker player. I would like to use this when a door is opened when Home.

I’m such a novice at this. Your work and advice is very much appreciated! Thanks!

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Smart Home Monitor has a section for “Custom” which allows you to “Alert with Lights”.

If you select the device as the light, it will play the “Switch On Chime” you’ve specified in the settings. (That’s why the middle button is labeled “On” and not “Chime”)

You are aware that there’s a setting screen that allows you to change the chime volume, siren volume and the sound that each button plays, right?

That Custom setting in Smart Home Monitor did the trick. With SmartThings, I’m finding there are so many ways to do things, that I’m quickly ending up with overlapping and competing routines. One of these days, I’m going to need to clear everything and untangle the mess I’ve created!

I found your setting screen and have modified the alarm and chime tones and volumes. Have you noticed that sometimes the sound played differs from the selection? I’ve had to go into it and change/change back a few times while I’ve played with it.

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Are you referring to the siren sound, chime sounds, or both?

It happened to both alarm and chimes.

I ran into something similar when switching an existing device to my device handler instead of pairing with my DTH already installed. I thought I found the problem and fixed it because after I a made that change I wasn’t able to reproduce it.

In my case, it only happened once per field so if you notice it happen again, please let me know.

I have had a similar problem with the device changing the selected sound for the siren. In my case, I had CoRE play a beep and then a siren immediately after. It changed the siren sound to match the beep, though each had the correct volume. However, it is not doing this consistently.

BTW - thanks for this DTH, it’s a great piece of work.

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That shouldn’t be possible because the device stores the siren sound in its configuration and the DTH sends an on command to turn it on.

The only time my SmartApp updates the configuration is when you tap the refresh button or tap done on the settings screen.

When it comes to the chime, my DTH has to tell it which sound to play so I could see how multiple chimes close together could cause problems.

I’ll look into it and see if I can reproduce the problem in CoRE.

I found a typo that was causing problems with the default values, but I also found a bug in the device.

Basically every time you update the config value for the Chime Volume it also updates the config value of the Siren Sound. I’ve reported this bug to Dome because it’s something they need to fix in their firmware.

This might be another bug with the device so let me know if it happens again after you’ve upgraded to the latest version of the DTH.

I just released a new version of the DTH which fixes my typo and ensures that every time the Chime Volume gets changed, the Siren Sound gets changed afterwards.

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Thanks so much, Kevin! I will let you know if it recurs

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OK, so after living with this device for just a few days, I have to say I’m impressed. I use SmartAlarm with entry/exit delays. I’ve now added a chime to signal the start of the entry/exit periods. I’ve also set a different chime to indicate that the alarm has been deactivated. And if I ever decide to replace my doorbell, there’s a whole suite of other tones I can use for that purpose, too. It’s so much more useful than the other two sirens I tested.

Thanks, Kevin for unlocking the features of this device!


I almost bought one when I saw this post. How long does the chime sound for?

There are a couple of decent chime sounds lasting about 1 or 2 seconds. There are also several cheesy tunes if you need something longer.

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The chimes vary in length and range from about 1 second to 10 seconds. The siren can be set to any of the chime sounds and it just repeats it. You can make the siren turn off after a certain amount of time or not set a length and let it play until the battery dies.

I like this device more than the Aeon Siren, but it runs on batteries so it can’t be used as a repeater.

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I’d love to learn how you’ve set this up with the warning chime before the alarm goes off. I’ve already accidentally set the alarm off in the middle of the night. (it sounds much louder when everyone is sleeping!)

The SmartApp Smart Alarm has an entry/exit delay feature.

Most of my other siren DTHs support the Music Player capability so you can select them for Audio Notifications in Smart Home Monitor and Speaker Notify with Sound.

Once you’ve selected the device, you can use the “Custom Message” option to specify a sound number to play.

I didn’t build this feature into the Dome Siren DTH because that capability isn’t meant to be used like that, it’s messy to implement because of how many times that capability has changed, and it also adds a delay of 1-3 seconds because the “custom message” gets passed through Amazon’s TTS service before it’s sent to the DTH.

Does anyone think it’s worth implementing that in this device handler so you’d be able to play different chimes using SHM and Speaker Notify with Sound?

For the entry warning, I used CoRE. Smart Alarm works off the SmartThings mode, so when ST mode is Away or Night, Smart Alarm is “armed”. If you trip a senor, it will give you 30 seconds to disarm before setting off the siren. So to get a warning chime, create a basic piston in CoRE:

(Mode is one of Night or Away)
(Any of Motion Sensor 1 or Motion Sensor 2 changes to active)
Using Dome Siren as Tone Generator

Now just make sure you configure your beep sound in the Dome Siren config page and set it to Low volume!


For the disarmed chime, I use the “I’m Back Routine” to change mode to Home and turn on the Dome Siren Switch capability. Again, set the Switch sound in your Dome Siren’s config page.

FYI - in case it’s not clear to anyone, the Switch capability plays a configured sound and then turns itself back to off. So it acts more like a button.