[ST EDGE] [RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official 2.0)

Those devices don’t have any useful settings so I doubt they’ll end up having a custom driver.

Yes. If you change their Type field from the IDE to the built-in DTHs then any setting changes you made while using the custom DTH will be saved and if you run into an issue after changing them you can always change the type field back to the custom DTH.

Contact sensor open

Sorry, I meant which of the siren’s commands are you using to activate it?

Set chime sound 1, set chime vol Med, Chime on

Do you have other chime routines that play different sound numbers and at a different volume?

I just have two alarms both set the same for the door chime, The Alarm function is controlled by the Smoke Alarm monitoring function in the Smartthings app.

It is only noticed as I can actually hold the door open, let the dog out and close the door before the Chime rings, about 30% of the time. It may be an issue with this specific siren as prior to the Edge Driver it would alarm once every evening with no Trigger. The second siren, in the bedroom hallway did not have this issue. That issue has been resolved with this driver.

The chime and siren have different settings so use the device details screen to select the Chime Sound and Chime Volume and then only use the Chime command in the routine.

That will make it play a little bit faster.

I will try that out when I get home from work.

Changed set Chime sound to Not Set fixed it.

Thanks, Kevin for writing these drivers and helping me figure out the settings. Troubleshooting is hard when you don’t know the right question to ask.

If you didn’t do the same thing for Chime Volume then you should because that will most likely also make a difference.

With both settings changed it rings simultaneously with the Alexa. Now, I see that I was actually setting it twice, once in the main settings and again in the routine.

Correct. It’s a little confusing, but those options are needed for users with multiple Routines that play different chime sounds and/or different volumes…

I’ve ‘enrolled’ my hub but don’t have the siren as a device type option.
Hopefully I’m missing something trivial!

Selected Dome’s Edge Driver Channel link, allowed and enrolled which then shows hub status as:

Dome Drivers

SmartThings Hub


  • NameDome Siren
  • Permissions
    • zwave: Enable full access to Z-Wave actions
      With [Uninstall] button

Edit device at SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.
Device type select list doesn’t list Dome Siren (either alphabetical order or at end, existing other custom switch handlers manually added appear at the end)

Waiting several hours and rebooting hub doesn’t resolve.

Selecting ‘Zigbee Siren’ results in a device which responds but obviously doesn’t have the bells and whistles so to speak of this module.

Any suggestions?


And I’ve just realised this is listed as a z-wave handler, my siren is Zigbee.

I chose Zigbee as Australia uses different z-wave channels to the US and even AU online retailers seem to incorrectly supply US hub models sometimes, let alone trying to find out or ensure end devices are the correct region.

Drivers don’t appear in that list and have to be assigned to the device automatically by ST when the device is added.

You can’t use a Zigbee device with a z-wave driver/DTH, but Dome doesn’t make Zigbee devices so you must have a different brand that looks similar…

Hi @krlaframboise ,
Can this driver be adapt for the neo coolcam siren ?
I am using your DTH for the neo coolcam .
Thank you

Hey @krlaframboise – I followed all of the directions, but when I view my device it’s showing the broken cloud icon for all setting items. Any thoughts on what to try next?

Do you think I need to buy a new one like the others have?

It sounds like SmartThings recently added the siren’s fingerprint to one of the built-in Edge Drivers so you’ll you’ll need to install the Custom Edge Driver instead of using the old Groovy handler.

I just added instructions for installing the driver to the top of the first post in this topic.

FYI, there’s only one version of the Dome Siren…

Sorry, but this is Dome’s official driver so you won’t be able to use it with that device.