[OBSOLETE] comments on Dome siren DTH

Thanks for making this compatible with newer app.
Should be nice according to the screenshots, however I could not get it show up like that - excluded the siren, removed old handler, added new one, rejoined the device, manually changed to the correct DHT from generic one.

After you pick a correct DHT from IDE, you will probably need to stop the app and clean its cache to see the correct UI.
Also noticed while we get new UI with custom DHT it’s execution switches to cloud (as it was with old one).

The custom handler should get assigned automatically during inclusion, but there’s a bug with the platform so it sometimes takes multiple attempts. Your instructions are the other option, but they don’t always work.

All custom DTHs execute in the cloud…

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Thanks for DHT, seems to be matching new application design.
Yet I have a question. It looks like with this new DHT we are missing an important feature which was a “delayed alarm with beeping notification” - I do not remember the exact name of that setting, but we were able to get a warning beeps for a duration of time before actual alarm was triggered. That was a pretty useful feature, as presence sensors are not always accurate and the system may not disarm by the time you open the door for example.
Am I right and the feature is actually removed from new DHT?

That feature was always buggy and you might be able to set that up in Automations since you can use it to change all the chime/siren settings.

Well it worked for me like a charm for several years, unfortunate that its gone. This will also make it not usable in “SmartThings Home Monitor” security subsystem as it will be triggered immediately, not giving any time to disarm it in case of false positives.

I will revert back to the old version of the DHT, even though its not that pretty it supports original functionality of the time when I bought this great device.

Thank you SO much for writing the new DTH Kevin. It works great.

Here’s what I had to do to get it to work properly, for any new or novice users out there.

  1. Go to the SmartThings website for my hub and log in.
  2. Get the new RAW code (from this page), ADD the device handler type to my device handlers, and paste in the RAW code.
  3. On the app
    a. In Z-wave utilities, EXCLUDE the Siren to be upgraded.
    b. From Home screen + Add a new device.
    c. Select Dome and Siren
    d. Click the enroll button 3 times in the battery compartment on the siren.
    e. Finish enrollment.

NOTE: At this point, for me, the device installed with the Generic Z-wave Siren DTH :frowning: I’m on the latest version of IOS.

  1. On the SmartThings website site for my hub…
    a. Click on devicee.
    b. Find the Siren
    c. Edit the Siren
    d. Select the Dome Siren device handler type
    e. Save

  2. Back on the app
    a. Close the app if it was open.
    b. Open the app again, and open the Siren.
    c. The new device handler should be in use.


I hope this helps anyone out there who is new to SmartThings, or like me, only messes with it once in awhile, and forgets how do do things.

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This shouldn’t happen, but there’s currently a bug in the platform with the inclusion process that sometimes requires you to join the device 2-3 times in order for it to get assigned the correct handler and users outside of the US have always had issues with this device.

Can you post the text next to the raw description in the IDE? If Dome uses a different product id for other regions then that would explain why the handler wasn’t assigned.

If the device joined with a different handler it often gets stuck with that handlers UI so does your device details screen look like the one in the screenshots above?

Thanks for your reply.

A bug in the SmartThings platform? Is that possible??? (just kidding).

I am in the US.

After the steps I took, everything seems to be working fine and I get the screens shown in your examples above. Even the automation screens are correct, though it took me some trial and error to figure out how to turn OFF the siren. :slight_smile:

I am not sure how to post next to the raw description of the IDE. I am a total github novice and use it once every year or two. I was a Microsoft TFS guy back in the day. Don’t judge! I tried to synch my github for V2 like I did V1, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. The only reason I knew there was a new V2 out there was I noticed that my V1 was out of date when I looked at the synch messages. Is the V2 DTH setup yet on github to synch, like V1? If not, I can just check back once in awhile to see if you have made any version changes.

Are you planning on writing these device drivers using the new Edge Architecture?

Thanks again! I really appreciate it!

I misread your Zelle sentence so I thought you were outside of the US.

I just meant copy that text and paste it into your response, but I was only asking for it because I thought you were outside of the US so just ignore that request.

The original handler had some delay/beep related features that were somewhat buggy and wouldn’t work well with the structure of the handler so I removed them.

I knew that would be an issue for some users (example above) and the new version requires you to re-join the device so I needed to keep the old version on GitHub.

I posted the new version with Dome as the namespace and released an update of the old version that had a message in the header about the new version and a warning about the features that were removed. I thought I also added that warning to the old forum topic, but I didn’t so I just did that now.

If you already had the GitHub integration setup for the original handler then all you need to do is click the “Update from Repo” button, select “SmartThings”, and select the new handler which should start with “devicetypes/dome/”.

Hi Kevin,
I have read through the posts for the old version of the device handler and I’m lost in the weeds.
I have a new dome siren, am running the new SmartThings app, have installed the new device handler, all in the correct order I believe. All of the device handler settings appear correct in the app.
I am trying to get the dome to do a chime sound, not siren, when I push my Ring doorbell button. This was working using an old dome, the old app, and the old handler.
I have tried several automations but cannot seem to get one that will activate the dome chime. SmartSpeaker Companion does not work if I understand correctly. It does not recognize the dome as a speaker device.
I have excluded the dome, installed the new handler, re-installed the dome. I can get the dome to work using the app, that is if I turn it on, it will siren, or if I apply chime it will make the selected sound, controlled from the app.
I cannot get the dome to function (sound chime) when I press the Ring doorbell button using an automation. Do I need to try IFTTT…?
Any suggestions appreciated.
Thanks much, Greg

If you’re using the handler in this topic then everything you read in the old topic is wrong.

Use the built-in Automations app.

Ring doorbell button pushed
Select the Chime and use the “Chime” action. You can also use the “Set Chime” action if you want to set a specific sound before playing it.

OMG, I had all the settings correct except did not have Chime on in the automation. You have no idea how many times I went through that automation. Thanks. You have helped me a couple of times. I’m going to send you some $$$.

I should have mentioned that in the first post so I just added it.

You can if you want, but that’s really not necessary.

Hi Kevin, thanks for writing the updated code for dome siren (DMS01) and for sharing configuration and installation process!
I followed all recommended steps and faced below error messages while adding the siren and also while trying to change siren’s settings such as volume, and etc.
Have you ever faced such error messages?
The device was installed however, I can’t use it with any automation.
Any additional troubleshooting recommendation?

That device doesn’t support S0 or S2 security so I have no clue why it’s displaying that message, but instead of using the “Scan Nearby” method to join it you should try choosing Dome from the brand list and then select the siren.

If the device doesn’t get assigned the handler automatically you’ll need to open it from the IDE and change the Type field to the custom handler, but after doing that make sure you go into the device settings from the mobile app and change any setting. That will force it to initialize all the attribute values.

Thanks, Kevin.
I realized my Samsung account was not registered under US, so I raised a ticket to change it to US. After that, there was an update on the app. Ok, so I deleted the siren from the app, deleted device handler code and restarted ST hub before reading Dome siren (choosing Dome from brand list), reading device handling code, reading the GitHub repository and republishing. During siren installation process I got an error message and after adjusting device type at IDE I got the same status; I can’t change any setting :frowning:

Can you post a screenshot of the device’s details page in the IDE. I’m primarily interested in the section with the Raw Description.

sure, here it goes:
Raw Description zw:F type:0000 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00

Those should never be 0 so something got really messed up during inclusion.

I’ve seen that happen to a few other users and they were able to fix the problem by rebooting their hub. After the hub is rebooted you’ll need to join the device again.

Good catch! :wink:
So I removed it from the app, removed the code from IDE, rebooted the Hub (power off/on), added the code, added the siren and got mfr, prod and model 0000 again :frowning: