Wink Siren with Smartthings hub

I am trying to add a newly bought Wink Siren to my smarrthings hub. I tried with old app and new app but smartthings app cannot find the device. I am not sure what is going wrong. I am thinking I might need custom device handler? But I cant find anything in these forums for siren. I have also gone through the famous topic of migrating from Wink to Smarrthings but did not find a proper solution. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

Is it used? If so you need to exclude the device first. You may try removing the battery then putting it back in then see if the smartthings hub can then find it.

Its brand new one. I tried different options like removing battery, resetting etc but no luck. Smartthings app cannot see wink siren at all :frowning:

Strange… maybe it’s a defective siren? Doing a factory reset and removing the battery worked for me when moving from wink. I think I had to remove the battery then replace to find it for both the exclusion and the pairing. It took a lot of trial and error! Sorry it didn’t work for you.

Did you look at this website… I believe the wink products are just rebranded dome products.

You are lifesaver :slight_smile: Thank you. That was the issue. I was going crazy trying to finds the correct device handler. It worked like a clockwork once I added the Dome siren device handler.

I went through the dome handler install and added it to my place. It was installed and ST was able to pick it up as a dome siren but with limited options.

I only see the on/ off on top of the page, the options are off, alarm, alarm strobe and Strobe. No option to set it as a chime. I set up an automation to have the chime go off when my Schlage connect is opened, I get this really annoying whistle sound that keeps going off like it’s trying to use the alarm settings as the chime because it will not stop until the time of the alarm duration.

I tried it with the motion sensor setting of the chime as well but kept getting the same non stop annoying sound.

I went to devices to delete it and went through the exclusion process and it was removed.

What am I doing wrong please?

I´ve just got a new Wink siren and it doesn´t work. I have installed the device handler and trying to find it with the ST app, but nothing.

Any clues? Thanks!

I just installed a wink siren on smrtthngs in the new app.Started with Devices…then ("+"… add new device) then…“by device type” and in the devices and sensors category …“siren”… after that I hit the “DOME” button… Finally press the button on the wink siren in the battery compartment 3 times fast. Blue led lights should flash 5 times which should put the siren in pairing mode. It was discovered as a switch and in groovy IDE had to be changed to zwave siren in device types.
According to azpt a few replies up, the Wink line is re branded Dome devices. Seems to work. Hope this helps. Good luck.

I did that several times.
In the “add new device” doesnt appears the “Dome” brand.

Looks like you went right to “by Brands” by the looks of your pic. I went a different route. I went to “Device type” then to
“devices / sensors” catagory and hit “siren” …that is where I found the “dome” brand should have also been in “by brands” as well. I dont know why its not… I didnt even add a device handler either. Kind of off topic… too bad alexa cant see the siren.i will have to create a few "SIREN OFF"buttons from my Ecosmart stock.

Also a heads up comment. I purchased this siren off of ebay. The siren was being sold as new but it arrived with dead leaking batteries.I installed new batteries
When you press the button located in the battery compartment 3 time fast the lights should flash 5 times. If not …the batteries could be dead or a bad unit.

I tried that also. This are the only options available on devices / sensors” catagory and “siren”.

PD: The other post was a video, John.

Did you try to do a generic zwave join? Or scan nearby?

to reset the ‘dome’ siren press and hold the button inside for 10 seconds.

i also remember talk from a while back about the chime part of the wink siren not being able to be used with st.

Strange not to see all the brand names available on your app.Does your smarttings app recieve auto updates? I am running smartthings version
New app of coarse…booo … I liked the old one better

Fyi, we’ve been trying to help here too, but no progress there either:

I´m running version.

Hate to the Debbie Downer here but there are a lot of smart minds here with no solutions out of all possibilities. At this point, my advice is to return the item as defective and buy an Aeotec siren or doorbell (same as siren but with a doorbell button to boot with same siren functions).

After several failed attempts, here is how I was able to perform a clean install of a Wink Chime/Siren I am using the new app, and have an Aeotec hub:

Reset the Siren:

  • In the ST app, go open the siren, select the 3 dots, select edit, select delete device.

  • While the app is working on deleting, I opened the siren and held the button for 10 seconds, until it does one slow blink.

  • Then I took the batteries out, and when I replaced them the unitl blinked 5 times slowly to confirm that the until is reset.

  • The app indicated an error, and could not delete device, however after closing the siren device the icon disappeared from the ST app after a minute or two.

Install a new device handler:

Added siren back into ST

  • Sat next to my ST Hub

  • Opened the back of siren to get ready

  • In the ST app, + add new device by brand: DOME, siren

  • When the app was searching, I tapped the siren button 3x quickly to get into pairing mode

  • After until stopped blinking, again I tapped the siren button 3x quickly to get into pairing mode

  • I may have done this a third time as well, but if the app status went past the preparing stage, then the siren would have been added successfully.

Manually Change the device handler on the siren in the IDE

  • Go to location in the IDE and select the one where your siren is

  • Go to devices, and look for the siren

  • Select the Siren (it might be called Switch, if so, select)

  • On the device page, select EDIT on the bottom

  • Change the ‘Label” to the name you want the siren to show as in your device list. I named mine ‘Siren’.

  • Change the ‘Type’ to ‘Dome Siren’. It will be at the bottom for the scrolling list. Any device handler added manually always shows at the bottom.

  • Save the changes, and go to My Devices to confirm the siren shows as Type: Dome Siren

  • Close the phone app and restart. Your siren will have a lot more functionality than before.

Note: Put the siren under a pillow to test so you don’t scare or annoy the wife😉.