Wink Siren with Smartthings hub

After several failed attempts, here is how I was able to perform a clean install of a Wink Chime/Siren I am using the new app, and have an Aeotec hub:

Reset the Siren:

  • In the ST app, go open the siren, select the 3 dots, select edit, select delete device.

  • While the app is working on deleting, I opened the siren and held the button for 10 seconds, until it does one slow blink.

  • Then I took the batteries out, and when I replaced them the unitl blinked 5 times slowly to confirm that the until is reset.

  • The app indicated an error, and could not delete device, however after closing the siren device the icon disappeared from the ST app after a minute or two.

Install a new device handler:

Added siren back into ST

  • Sat next to my ST Hub

  • Opened the back of siren to get ready

  • In the ST app, + add new device by brand: DOME, siren

  • When the app was searching, I tapped the siren button 3x quickly to get into pairing mode

  • After until stopped blinking, again I tapped the siren button 3x quickly to get into pairing mode

  • I may have done this a third time as well, but if the app status went past the preparing stage, then the siren would have been added successfully.

Manually Change the device handler on the siren in the IDE

  • Go to location in the IDE and select the one where your siren is

  • Go to devices, and look for the siren

  • Select the Siren (it might be called Switch, if so, select)

  • On the device page, select EDIT on the bottom

  • Change the ‘Label” to the name you want the siren to show as in your device list. I named mine ‘Siren’.

  • Change the ‘Type’ to ‘Dome Siren’. It will be at the bottom for the scrolling list. Any device handler added manually always shows at the bottom.

  • Save the changes, and go to My Devices to confirm the siren shows as Type: Dome Siren

  • Close the phone app and restart. Your siren will have a lot more functionality than before.

Note: Put the siren under a pillow to test so you don’t scare or annoy the wife😉.