[ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device

Hello Community,
Thanks to Wesley I am proud to share that I was able to configure my first driver :sweat_smile:.
The result is this:

As you can see I have added a new profile, and a new manifacturer.
The presentation is still non satisfing, some data are not displayed, and the dashboard view doesn’t report electricity data.



Hey Wesley, is it possible to get this device to work? WZ3000_w3c7ouru ?

It is a 3 gang switch.

This is what it is doing with your driver:

This sensor works, tested with natural gas CH4, thanks!



I know its a big ask, but does this device work with smartthings directly??
Cabinet puck lights (YSR-tuyaMINI-Z01)
Its a Tuya zigbee 3.0 device and theres also a wifi version as well, but definitely want the zigbee version.
So wondering if it’ll work with the 0xEF00 cluster before buying it.

Thanks in advance

The screen shot you attached shows that it supports SmartThings (last symbol on 2nd line)


I’m blind as a bat… LOL

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Hi. I bought this Temp+Humi sensor with LCD. Sensor works fine and I found the right driver. Unfortunately the display also has date/time which cannot be adjust with the driver. I noticed that the same issue is wrote in this thread but I can’t find the solution.

If you don’t mind me asking where do I get the driver from

The invitation link is in the 1st post of this thread.

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