How to retrieve zigbee application version in edge driver?

How to retrieve zigbee application version in edge driver?

In DTH, you can get the zigbee application version as following.


Is there equivalent method in Edge driver?

Some of the tuya zigbee plugs (with model name TS011F) have different way of action by zigbee application version. (Application version 0x45, 0x44, 0x41, 0x40, like the one as the screenshot below, requires polling of the power, but other application version supports power reporting.)

FYI, TS011F tuya plugs look like these.
and below is how I handle the zigbee application version in the DTH, to check whether polling is required.

Hi, @iquix
I haven’t seen this property in the device variable but I’m checking with the team if there’s an equivalent in Lua.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

The team mentioned there’s a driver where they also use this value, so you can take a reference from it:

Please, let us know if you have any questions

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Hi @iquix

I’m using your DTH and it works great with a TS011F running Application version 0x45. Have you managed to create an edge Driver what works with these for Power Monitoring ?

I don’t think that’s going to happen. I believe that attribute is part in the OTA Upgrade cluster and the hub blocks/intercepts any calls from the drivers to the OTA cluster. So there’s no way to communicate with the OTA cluster to retrieve the firmware version. With DTH’s the hub would capture that information during device discovery and save it. Unfortunately the edge drivers framework doesn’t do that either. So for how you’re out of luck unless the engineers decide to change something. I’ve raised this issue with them but I haven’t seen any solution as of today.

I successfully got the applicationVersion data with the code above. It’s whole different thing that whether custom Edge driver devices could get the firmware “updates” though…

Hello, I currently use your Tuya/Zemismart window shade DTH and that is the only device that I can’t seem to find an edge driver for.

I enrolled to your edge drivers and installed the two Tuya shade edge drivers you have created.

How do I actually get my shade motors to use the edge driver? Having trouble figuring that out.


Is your device’s fingerprint in this list?

I’ve uploaded ‘tuya-plug’ in my channel, which does power polling when the appVersion is 0x45, 0x44, 0x41, or 0x40.

Below is the source code, for people who are interested.

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I pulled this from the IDE…

  • manufacturer: _TZE200_zah67ekd
  • model: TS0601

I don’t see it in your list. If you added this to your driver I would be forever grateful. As we use this device every day. Thanks

This is the device I have. For your reference.

[Oct 8, 2022] Contents modified to apply the latest information.

Since there’s no way to force apply arbitrary Edge driver, I’ve added zigbeeThing fingerprint Edge driver, which cannot be used for pairing, but can be applied to any devices, using the method below.

You can apply this Tuya Window Shade using the method below.

  1. Install Zigbee Thing edge driver from official ST beta Edge chanel.

  2. Install Tuya Window Shade edge driver from my channel.

  3. Delete the Tuya Window Shade DTH from IDE

  4. Pair the shade. It will be paird with Zigbee Thing Edge driver.

  5. In the detailView of the zigbee thing device in the ST app, Press 3 dots on the right upper corner, and change the driver to Tuya Window Shade for Devices

I hope SmartThings allow arbitrary Edge driver to be force applied to any devices.

[Oct 8, 2022] Contents modified to apply the latest information.

Great I’ll try this.

So you’re saying even if you added the fingerprint of my device to your driver, it still wouldn’t work? I always have to use this method?


I tried your method of assigning a different driver. When I choose the option “select different driver” it says “no results found”

I’m enrolled and installed your edge driver. Is it still looking at the fingerprint?

UPDATE I got this working by downloading your Tuya Shade Code off GitHub, adding my devices fingerprint then installing via CLI on my hub.

Thanks for the code iquix!!

[Oct 8, 2022] Contents added to apply the latest information.

This is the latest version of the Tuya Window Shade for Devices NOT TESTED
Previous version can’t be used with arbitrary devices.

You don’t need Tuya Window Shade for Devices NOT TESTED driver anymore. You can just use Tuya Window Shade driver.

[Oct 8, 2022] Contents added to apply the latest information.

HI @iquix my shades _TZE200_fzo2pocs in your list. Is it has any invitation? How can i install this driver?

You can install Tuya Window Shade from my channel.

Make sure you set the limit of your curtain, by pulling the curtain manually to fully open/closed position several times.


Hi. Still can not set the limit. Can you please give some more details how to set up the limit?

Limits of the both end can be set even without zigbee hub. Setting the limits is not something that is related with the edge driver.

When the limit is set, by making the curtain move between both ends several times (with remote control or by pulling the curtain to move), the curtain slows down just before it reaches to the ends.

Hi @iquix this driver worked with this device. I tested it as described and it worked.

  • manufacturer: _TZE200_zah67ekd
  • model: TS0601

I think you can now add his fingerprint in your “Tuya Window Shade” driver

Thank you very much.


Hi @iquix
I bought a exact same curtain motor to replace this

  • manufacturer: _TZE200_cowvfni3
  • model: TS0601

But the new motor has fingerprint ID that was the below instead

  • manufacturer: _TZE200_3i3exuay
  • model: TS0601

Anyway I used the “Tuya Window Shade for Devices NOT TESTED” driver on it and it worked without any issues.
Can you update your driver to include the new fingerprint ID. Thank you.

Hi @iquix this device has a solar panel with light sensor and internal battery is it possible to add this information to the device panel in smartthings?

I think with this information we will be able to create routines with the light sensor or with the battery level to show alerts.

  • manufacturer: _TZE200_zah67ekd
  • model: TS0601

Thank you very much.