Tuya zigbee curtain motor?

Has anyone purchased this Tuya Zigbee Smart Curtain Driver Robot For Roman I Type U Type Curtains Track Alexa Google Home Control Zemismart Motor Drivers - AliExpress? Is there a driver for this yet?

Ii have a model of that motor but its for the pull chain styles from zemismart and i use iquix tuya shade driver for it. U have to set the thing up with a remote first to calibrate it and then pair it with zigbee to use it.


Many thanks @Jason_Silva. Does the driver have all the functionalities to open, close, partially open, light sensing etc.

For me its just open, close, pause and %. No light sensing option.
Also note, that it seems like itll only do increment of 10%. Not sure why.


So, can we specify a percentage of open directly in the routines?

Also, how is the performance and reliability?

@Jason_Silva, Can I get a reply please?

Sorry, yes i am able to control percentage in routines… but like i said, mine only lets me do 10% increments, but yeah, response wise its fine… never had it disconnect and its got great response time… again, i have the chain/cord version of that motor but it looks to be the same style.

Thanks @Jason_Silva, if you are able to set the percentage in routines (e.g. you want it to go to 40%) and it is now at 90%, are you saying it will reach out after doing 5 increments (80,70,60,50,40)?

Yea. Like, if you select 17%, my motor will just go right to 20%. Theirs no in the middle kind of thing. Only in 10s.

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Got this today, very well packaged, found it very easy to set up and paired with the iquix driver with no issues. It’s silent and opens and closes perfectly as I tested this extensively. It can literally go to any percentage level. The routines are all working as well - will monitor for a few weeks and feedback in case anyone wants to buy this.


I am feeding back after using for more than month now so people can take an informed decision before buying,


  1. Very reliable
  2. No loss of Zigbee connection
  3. Battery is fine so far
  4. Has a strong pull
  5. Cheap in price so you can buy 2 of this from Aliexpress for the price of one Switchbot curtain motor
  6. Works perfectly with the iQuix driver
  7. Comes with remote and you can only set it to 20%, 50% and 80% with the remote BUT you can set it to any percentage through smartthings routines
  8. Say 20 to 28mm rod dimension but I have a 16 mm rod and this works perfectly


  1. Cannot manually move the curtain as you need to use a remote or Alexa command so I fitted the remote next to the curtains in case any of us want to open or close when are near by. I also purchased a Zigbee button and placed next to my computer table so can control it when I want to.
  2. Assembly is not very straightforward and may take some time to figure out how to moves across the rod so would advise you to buy this with solar panel because you don’t have to worry about taking the motor out for charging and fitting it back.
  3. You need 2 AAA batteries for the remote which you need to purchase separately

Any questions, please ask.