How to install Smartthings Edge Drivers?

Hi guys, I received a link ( Channel and Drivers Web UI ) which has multiple Tuya drivers in order to make Tuya products to work with Samsung Smartthings. I cliked on it and multiple drivers appear to be able to be installed. I clicked on the ones that I thought would be usefull (according to the Tuya sensors that I have) and nothing happened… I entered in the Groove site, tryed to find the “Type” on edditing a device and have not found the drivers that I installed. Is there any step that I’m missing?

Remove the device and pair it again.
The driver will be triggered this way.

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The link you posted points to an Edge driver. You can not manage edge drivers in IDE so they will not be in the type field to choose. You can manage them in the ST app by opening the device and clicking on the three dots in the upper right of the screen and selecting drivers.

You may want to ask in the thread of the delevoper where you got the link and ask what devices are supported.


I added a motion sensor after installing the drivers I thought would be usefull. It appeared as a Thing. Then I eddited and looked for the drivers I suposebly installed. But I have’t found them then…

So I firstly installed the drivers just by clicking on the driver, then secondly I added a device, then thirdly I edited this device, fourthly, I tryed to find the drivers but I haven’t found any…

If it is showing as Thing, then the drivers you installed are not for your devices.

Hi!! Tks for the reply! So as you instructed me, I opppened my Smartthings app on my phone (I don’t have the classical app, only the new one… I don’t know if it is relevant), found the device (Blitswolf rechargeble Tuya motion sensor) clicked on the 3 dots on the upper right corner, clicked on edit and the only options I have are:
Change the name
Change the location
Change the room
Define as a favorite
Add to the initial screen
Remove the device

No driver options are avaliable. How can I make it to appear?

Most likely that device is not supported by the Edge drivers you selected so it paired with a groovy driver and showed up as Thing. When Drivers is not listed under the 3 dots, then it is not using an Edge driver. At this point, you may want to contact the developer of the Edge driver to ensure your device is compatible.

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Well blitswolf uses tuya. Tuya devices work on Smartthings.

This is not universally true, not even sure if it’s mostly true. There are lots of tuya devices out there, not all have drivers built for SmartThings


Edge Drivers require that the exact “fingerprint” stored in the firmware of the device match a fingerprint listed in the edge driver.

Devices created by Tuya are sold by many different companies under many different brand names. These secondary companies often change some of the firmware in the Tuya device to give it some unique characteristics. And even if it has exactly the same features as the original device, they quite often change the fingerprint so that it will show themselves as the manufacturer.

For this reason, the same model device from Tuya might have a dozen different fingerprints depending on the company that is selling it under that company’s brand.

If the fingerprint is not an exact match, the edge driver will not be used for that device.

So you may need to get in touch with the author of the edge Driver to have them add the exact fingerprint of your device to the edge driver so you can use it.

For example, here you can see a request from one community member that the Blitzwolf fingerprint for a specific device be added to an existing edge Driver.

So the first thing to do is to look for the author thread for the edge driver that you want to use and see if that edge driver already includes the exact fingerprint of the device that you want to add to your account.

If the edge driver does not already have that fingerprint, you will need to add the device as a thing, copy the fingerprint information as shown in the post that I just linked to, and then request that the author of the edge Driver add that fingerprint to it.

Tuya Issues

In addition, the Zigbee standard defines a basic set of “clusters,” but it does allow manufacturers to add their own proprietary commands, and Tuya has done this on a number of different models. And they have done it in different ways for different models. :thinking:

So there is no guarantee that any individual device made by Tuya will work exactly the same as another device even if they look identical on the outside. Sometimes the issue is that a particular device model will require unique code in order to work. So Tuya is not compatible with smartthings at a brand level. Instead, some Tuya devices will work with smartthings out of the box. Other tuya devices will work with smartthings with custom code. Still other devices are manufactured by tuya but then sold by other companies under other brand names and these will, at the very least, probably have a unique fingerprint. They may also require custom code.

So as you can see, when it comes to devices made by Tuya, the first rule of home automation definitely applies: “the model number matters.”


Don’t click on “Edit”. Is there a “Driver” selection on the same level as “Edit”?

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So would the mentionend information be:

Data * zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE

  • application: 49
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: _TYST11_i5j6ifxj
  • model: 5j6ifxj
    Raw Description 01 0104 0000 00 02 0000 0003 02 0003 0019


Is it enought?

Where can I get some help to add this driver?

I don’t see it on my phone…

That looks like the right information.

Where did you get the link that you posted in your first post? It sounds like that’s the author you would need to contact. :thinking:

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It was shared on a youtube video. The video autor the device handler autor arn’t the same person. I wonder how to make it work!

The community – created wiki has lists of currently available edge drivers from other community members. Remember that edge itself is still in beta, so all of the edge drivers are in beta, but you could check the sensors list there and see if anybody has one that might work. And then ask if they can add your fingerprint.

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I will try right now.

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I wrote but until now noone responded. Have I done right?

Yes. Remember that Edge itself is still in Beta, only a few people in the community are working on Edge drivers, and Tuya-made devices are some of the most difficult. You may just need to be patient until more drivers are available. :thinking:

OK, but i did it properly right? On the right spot and on the right way.