Tuya/smartlife zigbee or wifi sensor door in ST


I would like to know if someone has tuya hub (zigbee / Bluetooth) with sensor door (zigbee) and can see them (with their status) in SmartThings app ? Without using Samsung smartThings hub (not available in France).

Or if someone has tuya sensor door wifi and tell me if their can see their status in SmartThing app ?

I would like to buy a tuya hub and some sensors but I need to know if I can see their status in Smartthings…


Samsung stopped selling a SmartThings brand V3 hub anywhere last year.

Instead, they made a partnership with Aeotec to sell an Aeotec brand “works as a SmartThings hub” model. That one IS available in France.

That said, it isn’t going to change how sensors attached to a Tuya hub will work in a SmartThings account, so it probably won’t help you. But I just wanted to clear up the confusion in case anyone else in France was interested in a SmartThings hub for other reasons.

Tuya uses a lot of “proprietary” code which means their devices are often challenging to integrate with other systems. :disappointed_relieved:

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I didn’t know that Samsung made a partnership but it is really expansive :confused:
I don’t know if it worth buying an hub with a sensor door to turn on light (only 1 :confused:)

Thanks anyway

I’m hoping someone here uses Tuya’s Wifi/Zigbee door/window sensors and can tell me if their sensor (status) is compatible with SmartThings.

I have a Moes Tuya hub at camp. My Tuya account is linked to Smartthings (ST).

I have a Sonoff Door/Window sensor, Smartthings Multi Sensor, and Sonoff Motion Sensor connected to Tuya Hub. They all work with the Tuya hub. The ST multi sensor only shows the contacts, not Temp., vibration, etc.

None of these devices show up in ST.

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Looks like the way Tuya says their sensors work with IFTTT is not the way they actually work, so I’ve removed my post.

See @Paul_Oliver ‘s expert comments below.

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You can use ST virtual switches to trigger Tuya devices via IFTTT and that works ok most of the time.

Using Tuya sensors to trigger ST devices via IFTTT does NOT work even when the Tuya sensors says they work with IFTTT. Plus most Tuya sensors and devices do NOT have IFTTT integrations.

It also looks like IFTTT currently let’s you build 5 free applets. Don’t know when that changed.

I have NOT seen any Tuya sensors (contact, motion, or water) that have Alexa integrations, so that is not an option.

You can probably use a Tuya device like a plug that has an ST integration as an intermediary, but these devices tend to be slow to update on the ST side when triggered on the Tuya side. A refresh routine on the ST side might fix that. I am about to create a 30 sec. Refresh to see if that helps.

Also it can be hit or miss finding Tuya devices with ST integrations. This is especially true with ZigBee devices.


I used Alexa long time ago, I wanted to create a routine where:
-Sensor Door is open
-Only and only if it is evening (that’s point is the most important thing in my routine)
-Turn on bulb (philips hue)

But I can’t figure out how to configure it for the evening only because we can’t create multiple condition in Alexa. From France, you can’t toggle off/on a routine from another routine in Alexa so I’d given up :/.

Does ST Virtual Switches requires SmartThings Hub ?

Yea ! I can see the Tuya Plug in SmartThings (with its status) but not my door sensor :confused: I think I am going to turn on my bulb manually when my door is open :rofl:

OK, Tuya says “some brands” will work to trigger IFTTT or Alexa routines and there are lots of online posts on various boards from people who say they have one working, but it’s only a very few specific models. Here’s one example of a motion sensor:

My French isn’t good enough to search Amazon there, but try looking for Tuya IFTTT sensor. It looks like the ones that work with IFTTT might also work to trigger Alexa routines.

As for time of day, Amazon keeps improving the routines and you can now set day and time filters:


Yeah I will look for tuya IFTTT sensor, thanks!

I had done the same routine as you on Alexa but the problem is that it turns on the light even when it is daytime. What I really wanted: turn on the light only at night time (from Sunset to Sunrise). I problably should try it on IFTTT!

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Here’s a typical comment from Reddit:

You are right. I just bought a Neo brand Tuya Zigbee Door Sensor… and it doesn’t work as trigger in IFTTT. (shows unavailable)
My other Tuya door sensor ( wifi, Earykong brand) works as a trigger.

It looks like some people have had good luck with the EaryKong brand for some models. Note that it does say IFTTT on the ad.

I would only buy from a place with a good returns policy, it seems very unpredictable as to which models work.

They don’t right now with the old Groovy architecture.

But they might with the new Edge architecture. We know for sure they will work if you do have a ST hub because they work now in Beta. But no idea if they’ll be available for those without a hub. :thinking:. I’ve asked several times, but no answer yet.

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You can create virtual or simulated switches in several ways.

Edge virtual switches are the best, but they require a ST hub. The ones that contain visible or invisible contact sensors can trigger Alexa routines.

ST labs (under menu) can create virtual switches on at least Android devices in some regions (don’t know about France). These do not require a hub, but the last I knew they go NOT trigger Alexa routines.

You can create virtual switches in the IDE. These do NOT require a hub and should be available everywhere. The problem is they are Groovy devices and may go away when the Groovy platform is shut down. I believe you need custom code to create virtual switches that contain contact sensors, so that they work with Alexa, and these will most likely die with Groovy.

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A word of caution
I have 3 Tuya sensors (2 contact & 1 water) that show they work with IFTTT in the Tuya app. IFTTT let’s you build applets with these devices, but they NEVER trigger the applets.


I just check in the Earkong shop from aliexpress and unfortunately, they removed IFTTT service on their ads :confused:

Thanks for the information!

Except Tuya/ST itself (And xiaomi/aqara which doesn’t support SmartThings), is there a brand (zigbee/wifi) visible in ST?

I am in the US so most of what I have is probably not available in France.

Ecosmart ZigBee bulbs, Cree ZigBee bulbs, BN-Link WiFi plug, and Tuya MS-104Z ZigBee Smart Switch Module all show up in ST after adding them to the Tuya app.

Of the above items I would only expect the “Tuya MS-104Z ZigBee Smart Switch Module” to be available in France. I just purchased it a month ago and just set it up at Camp last night and was surprised it showed up in ST.

In Tuya I use automations to turn the MS-104Z on & off when any contact and motion sensors activate and deactivate.

In ST I use routines to turn on & off a virtual switch (with integral contact sensor) when the MS-104Z turns on and off. Then I linked the virtual switch to STHM.

2 problems, the MS-104Z in ST doesn’t update quickly enough to be reliable and the virtual switch is Groovy will die at some point.

I resolved the update problem by refreshing the MS-104Z every 30 sec. using SharpTools.

I will have to deal with the Groovy virtual switch at some point in the not to distant future.

For a door sensor without a SmartThings hub?


I know you said that time restriction didn’t work for you, all I can say is that we use several of these at our house for exactly this purpose, to turn on some lights between 6 PM and 10 PM, and they work fine. So I’m not sure if that’s because of the country or some other reason.

I’m going to go ahead and leave the Alexa options in this post just because I think it should work. You can talk to Alexa support and see what they think.


Any Zigbee device has to have a zigbee hub, and most of the Zigbee hubs don’t have an integration with smartthings, so the answer to that is probably no.

If you have one of the Amazon echo devices that has a zigbee hub inside, you might find something that works with that, but it won’t show up in the smartthings app. You would have to use an Alexa routine as an intermediary again. Third Reality makes one, but I don’t know if it is available in France.

But I don’t see that those options are giving you anything you wouldn’t get from a Wi-Fi device.


The device selection varies by region. I don’t know of any that have an official manufacturer-provided integration. So again you would have to find one that works with Ifttt or Alexa and use those as an intermediary. But you should have quite a few choices for those these days.

Sonoff is a popular brand that can trigger Alexa routines. You would need to get their Wi-Fi model, not the Zigbee model.

If you don’t want to use Alexa routines, you are also supposed to be able to use Sonoff with Ifttt through the eWeLink app channel, but you have to have one of the paid subscriptions to ewelink AND might have to pay the subscription for Ifttt, so I’d rather try and see if I could get it to work with Alexa routines first. And in any case, you would still have to set up a proxy in order to be able to see the status in the smartthings app.

So those methods are doable, but probably not very satisfactory. :thinking:

Wooow thanks a lot guys … I
just reinstall Alexa and I get it my routine work but I needed to switch my region to US instead of France (from France, you can’t toggle Alexa Routine - see below)

So What I did in Alexa to trigger the routine only from Sunset to Sunrise with 3 routines !

  • Sensor-Door-Open

    • Condition: Sensor Door OPEN
    • Schedule: Everytime
    • Action: Turn ON bulb
  • Enable Routine Sensor

    • Condition: At sunset
    • Schedule: Everytime
    • Action: Custom: “Alexa, Enable Sensor-Door-Open routine”
  • Disable Routine Sensor

    • Condition: At sunrise
    • Schedule: Everytime
    • Action: Custom: “Alexa, Disable Sensor-Door-Open routine”

And this works fine: I can turn on my bulb if my door is open only between the sunset and sunrise!

I will buy a Earkong tuya sensor door WiFi compatible with Amazon Alexa and give a try!

So in that way I don’t need to use SmartThings but I need Alexa …

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Good luck!

Make sure that the model of sensor you select can trigger an Alexa routine. Some sensors will say they are “compatible with Alexa,” but all you can do is ask Alexa for the status of the sensor, you can’t use it to trigger a routine.

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For a few euros on aliexpress, it will be worth testing. If I don’t forget, I’ll do a feedback here, thanks again!


Yes, please let us know how this works.

A contact sensor connected to Tuya that can trigger Alexa routines would be handy.