[ST Edge] Onkyo/Pioneer AV Receivers

This driver supports Onkyo and Pioneer AV Receivers that accept eISCP commands.

  • Power, Volume, and Source
  • Zone 2 (if configured to display in settings)


  1. Use the Channel Invitation to enroll in the channel and install the driver
  2. Select scan nearby in the ST app and wait for your receiver to be discovered


  • Zones Displayed - Changes profile to hide or show zone 2. After changing this setting, you will need to exit and re-enter the device detail view for the change to take effect, and may need to close and restart the app.

  • Volume Scale - Receivers have been produced with three different volume scales. Choose the scale that matches your device (1-80; 1-100 w/ 1% increments; 1-100% w/ 0.5% increments).

  • Input 0xXX - These options allow configuration of the labels of the input sources to match your model, as different models have had different source names mapped to different hex IDs.

Sending Raw Commands:

Automations can use the Send command action to send raw eISCP commands to the receiver. Multiple commands can be strung together, separated by commas. This is an excellent resource for eISCP commands. The example below will turn the receiver on, set the source to the FM tuner, set the station to 89.9, and set the volume to 50.



Sweet! Now do Yamaha!

Great, I’ve been trying to show Smartthings my Onkyo for years! Thank you.
Now I just have to understand why the sources are seen wrong … (I watch TV and the displayed mode is CD and I don’t even have a cd player, I never use CD mode).


It’s nothing on your end - Onkyo has changed up which sources match to which hex codes over the years and right now the mappings in the edge driver are hard coded to my model. I’m intending to make the source mappings configurable by the user, but need to figure out the best way to do that. The only solution I’ve come up with so far is to add 30+ options to the settings menu, which just seems ridiculous.

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Awesome. Now I wish I could get a driver for Marantz (aka Denon)


better a ridiculous solution that works, rather than no ridiculous thing, but no solution ;-).

Sorry if I ask here … even if not related to onkyo. with this drive of yours I solved the correct visibility of the amplifier status, first used switcbot (ir blaster) and to synchronize the status I used routines with a load measurement on a smart socket. This thing hasn’t been working well lately (the fault of the tasmota hold). If I could do the same thing with my old samsung TV it would be great. Do you have any advice for me? it is a samsung Hu7500 from 2014. If I could only turn the TV on or off, I could avoid using this trick for smartthings

This is what I’ve found for older Samsung models when I’ve looked in the past. Not sure if anyone did a DTH with that connection or what kind of data (if any) you get back from the TV. I don’t know that I’ll pursue it - my newer Samsung TVs are too cheap to have a network connection and when I looked into controlling my older one (2006) years ago I was convinced it was old enough to only have RS232 as an option.

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My knowledge is so limited that I have no idea how to try to see if it works. :slight_smile:
I think if you found out it was possible to make it work, maybe you could make a drive edge similar to what you did for the onkyo. Thanks for the info.

Working perfect for my pioneer vsx lx301. All input are ok
Thank you

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:hugs:I checked them all, they are all correct except CD that from me is the TV. There’s n edge drives you can’t edit locally and then save them at will right? Then I will wait for your new drive with the possibility to change the names to your liking

@Diegocampy The fix for input names is coming, I just haven’t had enough keyboard time recently to get it wrapped up.

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I noticed that the status of the onkyo is not updated, if I turn on the onkyo with its remote control and do not open the SmartThings app. After turning off the onkyo, I open the app on my smartphone, and the history does not report the on and off. I hope this does not also affect the automations that should be unleashed when it is switched on. I’ll let you know.

Delays in events posting to history is most likely app lag and nothing related to the driver. Try it while running CLI logging. You should see the power events being generated within a second of turning the unit on or off. If that’s happening, then the driver is doing its job.

@Diegocampy The driver has been updated with new options in the setting menu to edit the input labels. The new settings may not immediately show for you, so you may need to force the profile to refresh. The simplest way is to toggle the Zones Displayed setting back and forth between Main and Main+2. When you change the labels, just make sure that you don’t have multiple hex codes set to the same label.


I tried, am something is not working.
As you can see I don’t have any CD device in the settings, but it keeps showing me CD in the Onkyo screen.

Try toggling 0x00 to VCR. You can change it back to None afterwards. If that doesn’t work, the next step would be to try to delete and re-add the device.

sorry, maybe just a little bit of time needed to sync. No changes made and now CD is gone and all modes are correct! fantastic! Thank you

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Hi, I notice that my Onkyo hardly manages to update the menu from the ST app. On the other hand, switching on, off and changing the mode work perfectly, the volume change makes the balls spin in the pa app often does not work. So just to report as information.

I was able to find the device, but it is not reporting any status properly and shows the power as off even when it is on.

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Does it continue to work? My onkyo is also no longer detected.