[ST Edge] Onkyo/Pioneer AV Receivers

You can add a command to the edge drive for search The device in the network? And check its status. I ask why often, when the onkyo is turned on via the cec command of the TV, the status of the Onkyo device is not updated to ON. Only if there power on with remote control, Status updates correctly

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Since I can’t find a solution to the status alignment problems, I decided to delete the device created onkyo, and then the drive. To my amazement even today, every time I search for a new device, my onkyo amplifier reappears, despite not even having the drive edge installed. how is it possible?
In the settings I don’t see an edge drive linked to this device, but then where does it come from?

I haven’t had time recently to look at this, and mine continues to function properly so I can’t replicate what you’re seeing. If you have CLI logs from when you’re toggling power with CEC then I can take a look. Without logs, my best guess is that your unit isn’t sending a report in those circumstances.

Refreshing the device (swiping down) does this.

Thanks for the reply, sorry but I don’t know what CLI logs are.
When the synchronization of the state is wrong, even scrolling to update does not work. It only works by trying to turn it on again.
Now the weirdest thing is that even if I deleted the device and drive edge, the onkyo keeps appearing and I don’t know where it came from.