[OBSOLETE] Denon Network AV Receivers

I am glad to announce that work on Denon/Marantz device handler is back with a new UI and a few additional features.

The initial device was created by Kristopher Kubicki, and the original version can be found HERE

With Kristopher’s permission who allowed me to continue his awesome work, the updated version brings a few new features:

  • a fresh UI with an easier to control volume slider
  • functional inputs
  • surround sound mode inputs (Movie, Music or Pure Sound)
  • zone2 control
  • Quick Select custom inputs

The inputs can be changed from the ST mobile app or via a Smart Apps like CoRE or using Alexa voice control via EchoSistant

For initial install, you will need to define two parameters:

  • IP address of your connected AVR and
  • Port number

Hit the Gear in the upper right to access the preferences

The new code can be found here:

Ide/GitHub integration is also available, with the following credentials:

  • Owner: sbdobrescu
  • Name: DenonAVR
  • Branch: Master

Based on Denon documentation, the following devices are compatible (the handler has been tested on AVR-S710W):

EnModelUnknown,		//(0)
EnModelAVRX10,		//(1)
EnModelAVRX20,		//(2)
EnModelAVRX30,		//(3)
EnModelAVRX40,		//(4)
EnModelAVRX50,		//(5)
EnModelAVRX70,		//(6)
EnModelNR15,		//(7)
EnModelNR16,		//(8)
EnModelSR50,		//(9)
EnModelSR60,		//(10)
EnModelSR70,		//(11)
EnModelAV77,		//(12)
EnModelAV88,		//(13)

ALSO there are many available commands that I did not use. Below is a list of all supported commands. If you find one that you use often, I can add it to the handler. I just didn’t feel like cluttering the handler with too many options.

The surround sound modes can be changed by cycling through the sound tile (on the lift side of refresh tile). First press sets the MOVIE sound, second the MUSIC and third the “PURE DIRECT” sound. The label displayed is the actual sound output, not the type.



I just updated the device type, and it’s looking good for my Marantz SR5011.
When I set a source such as TV it changes instantly on my receiver. AWESOME!

Curious about the sound icon… Can you describe what each icon is?
Also, it keeps switching back to a microphone icon which I suspect is “Music”. The Camera icon would be Movie, and the audio bar graph is Pure Direct?

Finally: I know Zone 2 is a bit of a headache… Is it possible to treat it as a second device in SmartThings rather than as an addition to this device type?

Those are sounds modes, usually: Movie, Music, Game and Pure…Looking at Marantz, you only have Movie and Music (I didn’t put in the Game) …Most likely it bounces back to the mic (Music) because you don’t have the Pure Mode…


But the SR5011 does have Pure mode. :slight_smile:

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Ok, I see that it resets on refresh. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for pointing that out…

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Based on my research, commands for Zone 2 are different depending on models. I have tried to work it in, but the fact that I don’t have multi zones in my set up, makes it even harder for me to test.


wow! is this DH for me and my Denon AVR 3200! because you dont want me to use the T2 anymore?

excited to try this out.

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im not seeing the app?

There isn’t an app. You just install the Device Handler, set the IP address and port (usually 80) of your receiver in the Device under the ST IDE, and BAM, it’s on and functional.

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@SBDOBRESCU thank you !

@macombweare (only been doing this a few months but do not think I missed anything)
go to:

  • “my locations” and log in to your hub
  • “my device handlers”
  • “settings”
    "Add new repository"
    Owner: sbdobrescu
    Name: DenonAVR
    Branch: Master
    - then save
  • "update from repo"
    select "DenonAVR (master)
    select the device handler from (updated in GitHub)
    check off Publish
    execute update

now it should appear in you device list


Do i insert my IP address and Port # on the code?

Thanks for the detailed instructions. It helps a lot.

see pictures in the first post You access the Preferences page by clicking the 'gear Sign upper right hand

Thank you for adding directions. You nailed it!

Zone2 is just a variable. In my automations in Tasker, it’s at the end of each line. So when I tell Alexa “trigger tuner in living room” it puts MainZone as the variable at the end of the line; when I say “Alexa, trigger dinner jazz in the dining room” it commands Internet Radio with ZONE2 at the end of the line.

The first sets the volume in zone one, the second in zone 2.
Perhaps you’d want to handle that by putting a zone switch somewhere on the screen.

You might also have a setting in the device handler where you tell ST whether your unit has one, two, or three etc zones.


Version 2.1 … added Quick Select inputs and Zone 2 handling.

Thank you @Glen_King for the tip!

Just run through the instructions as is. That will add the Denon reciever to your homes list of devices in SmartThings.
Then in SmartThings go to my home and things the Denon receiver will be there. Select it and then select the gear icon in the top right corner for its settings you put your Denon reciever’s ip and port number there.

somethings wrong with my Github integration. when I update a repo, nothing shows up…
this started to happen yesterday… I was trying to update nest-manager and it was empty I thought there was a problem from the source. and today, nothing happens(empty) when I update @SBDOBRESCU repo…

i noticed my repo has no Name… i tried making one up and an error is coming up… wonder if this has something to do with Repo udate problem…

you are not alone. A lot of people are having Github Integration issues…Join the discussion here

i should get credit for this FIND then…i brought this up yesterday… lol…

SB, the device handler in the first post is still 2.0 for my system and doesn’t show the preset functions or any Zone 2 stuff for my receiver.

The code at the very bottom of the DTH still says 2.0 as well.
Has this been updated?