[ST Edge] Sony Bravia TVs

This is a driver for Sony Bravia TVs that supports:

  • Power
  • Volume/Mute
  • Input selection
  • Channel
  • Launching apps (the “Pick a favorite” option)
  • Various remote control commands
  • Picture mute

The interface is not as polished as I would like it, but can hopefully be improved in a later version if the UI for the TV capability is finished. Also, the platform currently presents list items in random order, so the menu for remote control commands is a bit tough to navigate.

The driver uses UPnP for discovery, and then uses Simple IP Control for most functions. Installed apps are queried and launched using the REST API. My understanding is that Simple IP Control has been around for a while, so older TV models might function with the driver with the exception of launching apps.


  1. On the TV, enable Remote Start, enable Simple IP Control, set Authentication to Normal and Pre-Shared Key, and set up a Pre-Shared Key.
  2. Use the Channel Invitation to enroll in the channel and install the driver.
  3. With the TV on, select to scan nearby for new devices in the SmartThings app
  4. In the settings menu of the new device, enter the pre-shared key and configure the number of inputs

A description of the options in the settings menu can be found here.



I installed the driver and followed your installation instructions.
Setup was quite simple.
I started control my Sony Android TV using this driver.

I tested:
Power on / off
Channel selection

I will continue testing.
Now it’s also possible to control Sony TV using automations.

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I have followed the instructions and it finds my SonynBravia XBR-75X850D but I am seeing the following:

  • Shows offline cloud Icon (unable to use power button)
  • When I increase the volume no matter how I high I turn it up it only goes to 26 on TV
  • Input source is working as expected.
  • Channel only updates when Input Source is TV
  • Home works as expected
  • Play Favorite works as expected
  • Remote Control commands works as expected
  • Picture Mute is working as expected.

I was able to resolve the power button issue by adding the IP Hex similar to the old groovy device.

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I assume this only happens when the TV is off (probably for a while) and you’re trying to turn it back on? I definitely saw with my TV that it doesn’t respond as readily (in particular to UPnP discovery) when it’s off, but mine is holding the connection fine now. The driver should be saving the most recent IP and first attempting to reconnect to that one, which was enough to get around the non-responsiveness when off for mine. I have a sample size of 1 TV though, so if you want to PM me some logs I’d be happy to see if yours behaves differently.

Do you have an external sound system hooked up to the TV? I’ve noticed on mine that the volume command will jump immediately to the volume I set if it’s using the built-in TV speakers, but will only move 1% at a time when playing through my AV receiver. I’ve just assumed that to be a limitation for now and will do any volume adjustments directly through the Onkyo. If yours is a different situation, send some logs and I’ll see if there’s anything that can be adjusted.

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re on HDMI1 but want to switch to channel 7, but in order for the channel capability to work you first have to swap input to TV? If that’s the issue, then I can add the command to swap to TV before sending the channel change. For channels, if you have any suggestions for improving behavior let me know (we don’t have cable, so no channels surfing in my house).

After I updated the Device ID in the IDE it seemed to start working, I can send logs if it continues to happen.

I have an external receiver that I use to control the volume for the TV, but can still use the regular TV remote to change as well.

I actually don’t use the TV input as we have a cable box hooked up via HDMI but want to test the functionality. Can you hide the “Channel” section if the “Input Source” isn’t TV.

This morning when I opened the app to check and the TV was on I saw the following:

  • Status of Power was showing correctly.
  • Volume showed 1 even though it was 38.
  • Input showed APP even though it was on HDMI 4
  • Refreshing the device changed the volume to 0 and source to TV in the app.
  • Setting the Input to HDMI 4 gave me the following error: “Network or Server error occurred”

@philh30 any thoughts on the issue as I am unable to get this working properly.


Thank you for this! I’ve not tested it much yet, but a couple basic function reports:

On/off is fine. Most remote control commands work, and pass thru to my cable box correctly. The input chooser works well.

The volume functions don’t work. The channel commands on the “remote function” tile work, but the place to direct input a channel number is funky. No matter what channel I input, it sends 327 to the cable box!

It responds to on/off via Alexa.