[WITHDRAWN] Yamaha RX-V Network Receivers

I have a Yamaha RX-V675. I wasn’t happy with the Harmony integration with my AV devices, so I wrote a device around the receiver instead. It does some of the basics, mute/unmute, volume and input change. You can cycle through inputs in the UI, but you can also specify an input for a SmartApp this way.

I will probably wrap the DLNA wrapper around this since the receivers are capable of that.

PS: I tried to do a multi-input preference where you can select the inputs for the device to cycle through. However, it doesn’t seem like an input preference returns an array – so I just hardcoded it in my code for now. You will want to change that for your own setup.


This sounds like a stupid question but what do I do once the I have installed the device type. I have been waiting for something like this. I had this functionality when I had Vera and kind of miss it a little. But I have an Echo on the way in the next 30 days so I figured eventually someone will integrate ST with the Echo.

Hey Patrick,

Once you have it installed, go to “My Devices”, then hit “New Device” in the top right. Fill out the name, write anything in the “network ID field” (the device will automatically change it to the right value), change the Type to the “Yamaha Network Receiver” at the bottom. Once you hit “Create”, open the UI on your phone and find the device under “Things”. Last step – go into the preferences on the device and update it with your IP and port that the receiver is running on.

Just as a word of warning though, the multiselector under the preferences is broken (@ben) on SmartThings end. For some reason that returns a string rather than an array like it should, so I hardcoded my inputs into line 131:

    def selectedInputs = ["HDMI1","HDMI2","HDMI5","AV1","HDMI1"]

Update that with whatever intputs you want this thing to drive. Also, you have to repeat the first input at the end. Sorry about the complicated install, its still in a very hacky form.

I have an Echo already. I personally would prefer everything to integrate into one hub rather than a bunch of Hubs half-assing it with each other >.< One thing I noticed with all the various Hubs (Hue, PlantLink, etc), is that anything integrated on the cloud level gets real difficult with the latency. Trying to move from “Sweet it works!” to “It better work” is definitely the least fun aspect of HA.

Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:

Could not agree more and thanks for the help. I am going to give it a try tomorrow. Quite a bit of house work this weekend and I am relaxing tonight. I will let you know my results. Thanks!!

Thanks for sharing the script. Another (perhaps stupid) question. How do I figure out what port my receiver is running on?

I think the default port is 80, try that …if it doesnt work try 8080.


First off thank you for this wonderful script.

I have two questions. How do you integrate this with Amazon echo and what voice commands do you give echo to change Yamaha volume and inputs?


Hey @dccxxvi

The way to do this is to make virtual switches, and have Alex turn the switches on. It’s a little awkward, but it does work.


@Kristopher i currently have virtual switches set up to control my harmony hub but the part where im confused is with the harmony switches they are Momentary Button Tile but with the yamaha receiver im not sure how to set that up as a switch. The “Type” would be “Yamaha Network Receiver” right?

I got the device added to my ST devices with no issue but can not seem to get the device to control my Yamaha Aventage RX-A2020 Receiver. Need a little help on the IP and Port settings. I looked up the IP display from my receiver but no luck. Any help would be appreciated greatly! Thanks

Hi @dccxxvi

So what you’ll need to do is setup a virtual switch (create a new one in the editor). Then, you can use some of my SmartApps to change the Input based on the switch state. It’s a little hacky, but does work well once you set it up!


Hi @blamb

Can you control the receiver via web? You should be able to just go to http://<internal.ip> and control it from there. If so, then you put that internal IP and port 80 into the app. You might have to enable it in the settings on the Yamaha!


I have the yamaha iPhone application and can control it through that and I’ve done it through the website that yamaha provides once or twice in the past. Do you mean control it through the ST site? If so then no. The IP I’m using is what Yamaha shows in my iPhone application and it doesn’t work. I tried ports 80 and 8080.

@Kristopher did you by chance roll a virtual switch that performs a mute/unmute command?

Your base device controls my receiver just fine, but Amazon Alexa/Echo does not detect the device. I’m assuming because it needs it to be an on/off type switch for Echo to see it.

My ultimate goal here is simply “Alexa, turn on mute” and “Alexa, turn off mute” voice controls.

If you haven’t rolled this yet, I’m happy to do so and send a pull request. I’m guessing it’s just a modification of your av-button-on and av-button-off code.


I’m finding the following thread quite useful -

Oh man that is a good idea. It does have an on/off switch but that would only control the on/standby state.

So yeah - you’d need a virtual switch (I don’t think Alexa works well with momentary buttons?) and then a helper app that monitors the switch. The helper app should subscribe to the switch and trigger the mute / unmute state. You may want to inversely subscribe to the receiver and the state of the mute/unmute there to keep the switch in sync.


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I have a Yamaha Rex- a3050…could this be configured to control my RECIEVER

Sorry Rx- 3050. AV receiver

One more time. Rx-a3050. Stupid talk n text

Hi All,

I’ve updated this device to range the volume from 0…100, so the volume acts like a proper dimmer now. Have fun!


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