[ST Edge] Driver for NUKI SmartLock

Ok i got it, the problem is , if you set the api token with high case letters, it will fail. For example e had the token set as 12345TesT, and it didnt work.

I changed to lower case letters, 12345test and the lock apeared on ST.

Hope it helps

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I’ve already released an update to lowercase the token. Maybe you had the old version :slight_smile:
Anyway, good to know that it works

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Quick question , how do i update drivers? Is a command? Or a action in app?

Sorry im very new to edge

In theory it automatically gets the updates (but there’s a delay)

It’s working with Nuki Pro?

@Liran1115 you should test because I don’t have one unfortunately…

unfortunately I couldn’t find the APIs permissions in nuki app.

Is it normal that the led on the nuki bridge stays always on after adding to Smartthings?

I don’t think this is related. Mine it’s now off

Is there an update done on the driver for the 3 states of the lock?

Not yet because I have some issues with the custom capabilities (which are also not so well documented…)

I just need more time to dedicate on it :slight_smile:

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