[ST Edge] Custom capabilities labels are ignored


I understand that the presentation for capabilities has been changed recently, but I couldn’t find any info regarding what exactly has been changed and what needs to be done in order to fix it.

It seems the documentation has not been updated to reflect the changes (or perhaps I was looking at the wrong place).
Could someone please point me in the right direction?
Specifically, I’d like to understand what needs to be changed for list presentation, but other types would be interesting as well.
(If it could be step by step tutorial, it would be great)

The fix is to set up translations, update the capability presentation, then create a new vid to pull in the translations. @nayelyz posted a description at the link below. Due to the issue I posted here, you’ll need to use the API if you want to pull an example json from an existing capability to work off of.

Is this a workaround until ST fixes whatever they broke, or a permanent and undocumented change forever to be dealt with?

My money is on the latter.

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Unfortunately I agree. I guess I’d better go figure this out. Unfortunately my original JSON files I used were on a computer that is long gone, and any backups are not complete.

You should be able to get the CLI to spit the JSONs back out for you. The only step I find troublesome to get back out is for the device-config, only because I always confuse the profile, vid and device-config.

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Yup, thanks. Just did that a few minutes ago.

Hey there; This topic has me seeing red! After all the work I’ve done on drivers, and now the assumption is that we’re supposed to go back and redo everything?! Unbelievable.

I’ve never had any success with capability ‘update’ CLI commands. No errors, but the changes never seem to take effect. So I have given up even trying and always resort to creating new capabilities. Obviously a lot of tedious work. So wanted to ask if you have actually experienced capability updates working? Have you ever seen them take effect on existing devices (and results seen on both Android and iOS) with a try_update_metadata, or will it only take effect for newly created devices?


I’ve recently had good success updating presentations and getting immediate results.

  1. Add translation
  2. Update presentation to point to translation
  3. Update device profile

#3 is critical to getting the change to show. If you have a custom vid, you’ll need to generate a new one (can use the same file as the prior). If no custom vid, you need to change the device profile in some way. This can be as simple as adding/changing the main component’s label!


Do you change the profile ID? Or are you finding that just changing the contents of the same profile ID can work?

Perhaps some of these things are working better now than they used to…

I’m also frustrated with the forced move to translations. If you check any of your capabilities that have the crazy labels (not the Unknown ones) you’ll see they actually created a ‘en’ locale translation on your behalf, with all the wrong data. If they do some sort of automated clean up I kind of expect it to mess something else up. So I’m just going to bite the bullet and start working on updates to all 50+ capabilities.

One positive that I see from this is that I finally feel like the capability presentation is doing everything it’s supposed to. All the fields make sense. Multiple attributes on a single capability now work. There are a few missing points - that description ‘value’ that came up in your DSC thread, plus the multiple labels on a single attribute device. But I no longer feel like this presentation stuff involves praying it’ll work.


If you generated a custom vid using smartthings presentations:device-config:create then you can run it again with the same file and get a new vid to use.

If no vid, then adding a label to your profile file like this will do it:

name: ge-dimmer-power-energy
- id: main
  label: Pajamas

Edits… Doing this on phone

Sorry, I was referring to the profile Name at the top of the profile contents when I asked if you changed the ID or not.

No change to the profile ID. Just adding a label line. Even adding a label calling it Main works, but it’s nice to see the label change to something else in the app to know it took.

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo @philh30 @nayelyz

Well it looks like this problem with labels has gotten even worse. Just created a new device and now ALL custom capability labels say ‘Untitled’. Not even the raw capability name or attribute name to even give a hint as to what it is. And I have users reporting the same.

I tried defining a translation file for one of my existing capabilities, updating the presentation, making a change to the profile file, and it still says “Untitled”.

So over this…

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Oh snap… I just noticed @Mariano_Colmenarejo virtual calendar drive revert to “untitled”, holy crap, so did mine and I just created translations!!! WTF.

@nayelyz @SmartThings what in the world is going on with all these undocumented and unannounced changes!?

Do we take it as a sign that at least SOMETHING is going on and maybe it’s a first step to getting them fixed??! Or am I being too optimistic? :pray:t3: :wink:

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I’m an optimist, but all these changes are causing me to rethink that! Let’s hope you’re right.

Oh geez. Thanks for the tag @TAustin. I’ve been updating capabilities tonight and struggling for the past hour to get these new translations to show on my alarm driver. Now looking back at a different driver with new capabilities that I had looking good with all the proper translations, it’s totally screwed too.

The same here, included the ones that showed the capability name and the attribute.

The consolation is that it can’t be worse, everything they change has to be for the better, even if they don’t want to. :rofl: :rofl: