List presentations showing extra text

In a recent update I have noticed that list types are now showing the attribute name and capability name in the presentation instead of using the label indicated in the presentation. In this case, I would not expect to see the text model and count. This has no value in the presentation. For the label itself, it is suppoed to come from the presentation. In my case it should read “Create Device” instead of “Virtual Factory”, which is the name of the capability.


name: Virtual Factory
ephemeral: false
      type: object


  - label: Create Device
    displayType: list

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I believe that’s because the new app now requires i18n translations and then update the presentation to refer to the translations. The documentation is still being updated (or may be at some point).

Check this post for details:

Hi, @blueyetisoftware!

@RBoy is right. Currently, when we create a new capability, its translation for the locale en is created by default.
So, to change the text in those labels, you need to update the translation. Sometimes, this update can take some time to be effective, that’s why you need to query the translation config to see if it’s updated.

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