SmartThings Android App (August 2022)

I noticed the little icon used for ceiling fan devices no longer animates. I liked the animation!


And yet, the annoying ‘tick’ sound is still there when toggling a switch On/Off in the app. Apparently it’s part of the SmartThings Android ecosystem and not a bug.

:face_exhaling: Sorry about that.
We already talked to the plugin team and they mentioned these changes are to start supporting multi-attributes (it is still not certain how we can configure that type of display). So now, the values displayed are:

  • Title: Capability Name
  • Sub-title: Attribute Name

I asked them how we can solve the issues for the capabilities label and they mentioned we need to add a translation for them. I will check if this is true and also the issue with the state not being shown in some cases…

So one month from Edge going full public and the plugin team is making undocumented changes to how presentations work?! Lovely!


Thanks for your response

So why to make a capability presentation if the app is going to show whatever it wants later?

This is not true for all display types. the type slider is still displayed correctly, maybe I shouldn’t say it so they don’t mess it up!!

Why Stock capabilities are not affected by this.?

I don’t see any sense in this, a label is always a label and its application is different from the name of the capability or the attribute and the status is inconceivable that it is not shown.

At the user level of the app the label is the more important, who cares the capability or the attribute names!!!

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That’s what we also told them and they mentioned this was going to be friendlier in the next release considering all the feedback so far.

Now that I’ve been making some tests, I confirmed that Localization (translation) allows us to set a custom label (at least for the attribute).
It’s pending to confirm the capability’s card label as I put a similar label in the localization (the only difference is the capital letters - Name: “List Example”, Translation: “List example”) and as I haven’t gotten the Android update, all my tests were in iOS, I don’t know if this is because of the cache. I already reinstalled the ST app.

Taking this capability as an example:
It is now displayed as follows when its label was “untitled”:

I suggest you query the localization config by making a direct query to the ST API, in the CLI we cannot use the -j or -y flags (I’ll report this issue). For example:

Note: Remember to create first the localization and then, update the capability’s presentation to use that config

I noticed this a while back and reported it. The animations work with DTH for me but not Edge drivers for some reason.

My fan is still using a DTH, and it used to work, so I’m seeing it not functioning on DTH’s. I’m working on an Edge driver for these and I’ll see if it changes for me.

Hi @nayelyz

This forces us to do the translation of the labels in all the custom capabilities and and their presentations and VIDs?

If so, it seems to me that changing the game rule in the middle of the match and without prior notice is not acceptable!

Nowhere in the documentation did it say that it was mandatory to translate the presentations capabilities.

I’m going to sleep :zzz:
My head hurts just thinking about it!

Thanks for your explanations.


Found an APK and manually updated

The app does seem much quicker now. I’m using it on a Fire tablet, so it’s always been sluggish in the past. Hopefully the performance improvement lasts.

The label issues might not be a breaking change to the functioning of the devices, as in making them useless, but it definitely might break spirit of those writing Edge drivers.

In some cases, this change makes the device drivers nearly impossible to make sense of.

I doubt I need to say it again, but it’s not trivial, and the setback will be huge for the platform if it isn’t addressed soon (as in really soon) !


@nayelyz , I got the updated app now too. Yay… This just keeps on getting better.

If I could click on “like” a hundred times I would.


This is the current workaround, I understand it is an inconvenience and that’s why I’ve making tests about it.
For example, I noticed that configuring only the “en” locale helps, even if we change the language of the mobile device, it doesn’t return to “untitled”.

Yes, you need to update the capability presentation to point to the labels defined in the localization/translation which is following the JSON path. For example, taking my capability as a reference:
smartthings capabilities:presentation commonsmall09402.listExample -j

  1. The capability label is {{i18n.label}} because of this part of the locale:
  2. In the alternatives.value the reference is i18n.attributes.attr.i18n.value.optionX.label because this is the path:

For the VID, if you use the presentation:device-config:create command again, it should bring the latest capability presentation config and clear the cache

I’ll share your comments with the corresponding team.

So this new update removed support for my Samsung TV. Why would you do that??? I’ve been mirroring my screen for years but today it wouldn’t connect. After 2+ hours trying different things, thanks to a great customer support agent, I found a workaround. TV model is UN50KU630DFXZA please add support for this model!

Hi, @Valde.
I suggest you mention this to the Customer Support agent (if you haven’t already).
They are the ones that check issues with the app (non-development/customization related) and can help you with this request.

Thanks for trying to help fix this. @nayelyz

This is not a beta phase issue, as some may think, this affects all custom capabilities, including those used in DTHs.

I think that before making all of us who have custom capabilities without translation change this, because nobody told us that this was going to be mandatory, they should maintain the functionality of the existing capabilities and modify the documentation to make it mandatory to translate by localization to from a date.
Each one will decide if they are interested in doing custom capabilities or not.
I don’t think that maintaining functionality is difficult or conditions anything.
What they have done is make a lot of drivers and DTHs unusable in an instant.

If I do, which I’m not going to do at the moment, it will be to include the labels in Spanish.

I think that not only the labels will have to be translated, also the status values, since the problem that the status does not show can be due to this too.

On the other hand, in the display Type that now shows the name of the capability and the attribute, I think it is of no importat to the user, when we make the capabilities we choose names that are only useful for those who make the driver.
By the way, those names do not have localization translation, they can be in user language that the capability has made.

Anyway, right now I feel like someone had thrown away all my work for a year, because they only care about their stock features and their objectives and forget that many users have been putting our time and devices at their disposal for a year to help Smartthings get this off the ground.
I know that it is voluntary, but as we say in Spain, it is to be well born to be grateful!
¡Es de bien nacido ser agradecido!

Thanks Nayely


@nayelyz this is what @Mariano_Colmenarejo is talking about

All my lights use his driver.

@krlaframboise needs to be alerted too. He just posted drivers in new chanel.

Here too:

I’ve been trying to follow the discussion about labels etc but I am falling at the first hurdle. What on earth is the problem they are trying to solve here?

What does multi-attributes mean in this context?

I seem to remember there is a restriction to a single attribute of a capability at the moment but I’ve never really understood why as you’d just use one tile/widget per attribute and there isn’t any obvious overlap. Even if you wanted to group by capability you’d still have one tile/widget per attribute and just not draw the blank space between them, and why would you do that anyway? If you are going to that trouble you’d group arbitrarily. So that seems unlikely.

I just can’t think of a problem for which what they are doing is a solution. The whole point of the UI is to provide a level of abstraction that hides details like capability and attribute names.

I don’t think so that anyone from SmartThings is actually using SmartThings at all.