ST Classic after Nov 15 update - Presence no longer works, icons missing, app crashes

Beginning around the Nov 15 update, the mobile presence sensor stopped triggering my routines. This feature worked flawlessly for years until now. Also noticed all my device icons disappeared and when I try to add them back, there are no icons to choose from. The icon lists are empty. The app crashes intermittently almost immediately after I open it. Go to Google Play and read the latest reviews. Everybody is complaining about the presence no longer working. I already tried removing/reinstalling my phone from the app, and removed/reinstalled the app itself. Reprogrammed the routines, double checked the geofence was accurate, etc. to no avail.


I’ve noticed that, too. I just installed an Inovelli switch and the icon was a plug. I wanted to change this to a light or a and actual switch, but there are no icons anymore.

There’s a thread here:

Edit: And now I see you’ve already posted there.

I also just installed my new Red Series dimmer, and this week I ran into this issue and a zigbee bulb that won’t shut off. Blame it all on @Eric_Inovelli!

Lol ummmm… wut?


I was looking for this thread and nothing came up. After diagnosing for a good few hours, I finally fixed it.
You are ALL correct. Before I begin this is what I use.
Samsung S10 Android / Yes my app was updated 11/15

  1. app crashes pretty often
  2. my presence stopped working Wednesday 11/20 however it logged in working again Thursday then stopped working completely.
  3. icon unable to add any new icons. I added a new smartswitch today.

I troubleshot by removing my phone from presence sensing to re-added with still a failure.
I double checked the location preferences.
This is what worked for me.

  1. Remove your phone from being used as a presence sensor
  2. Uninstall the smartthings classic app.
  3. Reinstall the smartthings classic app
  4. Add your phone to presence sensing.
    ****Everything works…and is back to normal. However ALL THE ICONS are missing. You cannot add any icons and your pre-existing icons are gone.

hope that helps folks
I am a novice Smartthings User and rarely come up on the forums. However today…after seeing this thread I felt compelled to login to share my experience.

I Love this smartthings stuff…I hope the platform/hub doesn’t disappear…

UPDATE-11/23/19 AT 11PM
disregard my post above.
It didn’t work. I assumed it worked because my presence sensor was ORIGINALLY stuck in the “home” position. So when I did the above…it was listed as “away”.

I just got home from work and it is stuck in the “away” position. So obviously it’s not fixed.
I’m fresh out of ideas unless Smartthings does an Update to rectify the problem. Any feedback or assistance is appreciated. I think my Wife’s presence sensor still works and she’s on the Apple operating system.

I am having same issue Nov 20 my presence stopped working. I did clean install without removing presence. I’ll try your steps and see if that works.

I just successfully rolled back ST Classic app to version 2.17
got my icons back, no more crashing
I turned Off auto update

Still doesn’t work for me, I’m going to try rollback

How are you guys rolling back? Downloading from somewhere like Apkpure or is there a rollback feature in the Play Store I don’t know about?

Classic app on Andriod crashes pretty much every time I open it since the update, usually OK second time.

ST Classic version 2.17

Turn Off Auto Update

Remove phone as a presence sensor

Completely Unistall 2.18

Install 2.17

Add presence sensor

Reboot phone

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2.18.1 solves presence and crashes for me but not the problem with missing icons

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I received this reply from Smartthings Support yesterday:

Thanks for writing in.
I feel sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. We have identified that a lot of users are experiencing a similar issue with the new update on the Classic app.
I would like to inform you the last update made some changes to the app with the app crashing and mobile presence not updating.
Our developer teams are currently investigating on this app update. The issue will be fixed shortly. We do not have any ETA’s at the moment as this update came just now and the developers are working on it.
Just to keep you informed, this is the final version of the SmartThings Classic app. As all users will soon switch to the New SmartThings app, the old app will not receive version updates.
For mobile presence purpose, we recommend to please log in to the New app and see if the mobile presence updates, if you are still experiencing any app crashes write back to us.
Thank you,
SmartThings Support.

I have a hub v2 (2015), motion sensor and switches. The main reason I bought into Smartthings was to be able to arm the house when I leave through mobile presence so I could get alerts if there was motion detected. Every time I try to use the newer app, I try to add Smartthings Home Monitor by adding automation, but it is not offered to me (I’m in the US). Is there a way to do the same automation in the newer app as I have in Classic?

Since posting I have learned three things…

  1. They have released an update to Classic which fixes most problems.
  2. I am now running the newer app. It has much more functionality than it used to have. I have successfully duplicated all automations that I had in Classic. There is a learning curve for those coming from Classic.
  3. If you switch over, I would delete everything from the Classic app (don’t just uninstall the app) before you uninstall the app. I would also login through the web, check to make sure everything has been deleted, and delete anything left, including your hub. Create a new location, make it your default, then delete your old location. Then do a factory reset on your hub. This will make things problem free. If you leave things set up under the old app the new app doesn’t handle things very well.

To me too.
It’s strange because my girlfriend’s Huawei P30 Pro also with the latest version shows the icons.

Sometimes Smartthings is like Facebook: is never 100% reliable. :angry:

And they want to force users to switch for the new (bad and confusing) app?

Smartthings Classic was updated again, 3 hours ago

Mine is 2.18.1 and there isn’t any update.
Which one do you have?

Two updates today to get to 2.18.1 - now opens without crashing

Yes, that’s the one i have since Tuesday (i think), and yes now it doesn’t crash the first time we open it, but the icons disappeared to some of us.

Standard icon categories are listed, but opening each, are empty. No icons to pick from. Freshly updated Classic version 2.18.1, Build 561929

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