Mobile presence on classic 2.18 broken (November 2019)

Mobile presence stopped working due to update. My phone is a Pixel 3a on Android 10 and my daughter’s is Nokia 6.1 on Android 9.x. My wife is Moto G5 plus on Android 8.1 and she didn’t update and still working. All been working fine for months. Rebooted phone, tried to update location in app, and tried to readd my phone as a sensor but can’t since it’s still recognized. Can see in settings ST still checking location. Anyone else having the issue or a suggestion other than remove and readd? Saving that as last resort due to number of automations. Also not worth reaching out to support, never gotten a useful answer on anything.

Great update :-/

EDIT: Couldn’t stand it so removed my phone and readded. Didn’t work make a difference. Ugh :frowning:


I started having issues with presence using the Classic app on Android 10 on a Pixel 2 some time back.

Removed the presence sensing from the Classic app, added presence sensing using the new STSC app.

Seems to be working well so far.

Just rolled back to 2.17 and working again.

I uninstalled and then downloaded the older copy from APKMirror. Just a warning that downloading and installing things outside of the Play store is higher risk as it could be malware. I’ve had good experiences with APKMirror.

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Both our phones (Pixel 3 XL’s) presence stopped working as well. This is quite the broken release

Cool. Thanks!

Same here. Between the crashes and completely breaking mobile presence, it seems that we are being forced to the new app that is not yet feature complete.

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Add me to the list. I tried rolling back too, still no dice. Two S8’s always reporting present now.

Same here with Nokia 6.1. Did any of you contact st support about this?

I just contacted support and they are checking it too.

I did. I got back the usual response about enabing wifi, adjusting geofence area.

I’m impacted as well. Both my Pixel 2 XL and my wife’s Galaxy Note 8/9 (can’t remember which) stopped reporting presence as of Wednesday AM. Both phones had the Classic app updated early Wed AM (around 2 am)

same problem here with a xiaomi

Remember to contact support too. Couple of hour ago they said that team is starting to look what’s up. Not sure when and how do we hear if something has been found but I sure hope that they fix this.

I noticed a lot of crashes with this new version, when going back to the app after not using it for a period of time. The presence on my S8 is still working after updating, although it is delayed. My wife has not updated and we were together and both left the geofence in a car, and it took my presence to update a full 30 minutes longer to update SmartThings when I left the geofence, entering it was slower by about a minute.

Actually new version is acting weird in all of our 4 phones. My Honor10 presence works normally but it seems that opening st application takes usually two tries and then it opens. So something else is also wrong with new version.

I’m taking my words back. Presence sensor in my honor10 is not working. Every phone (me,wife,two kids) lost presence sensor ability. Only reason why my kids presence sensors work is because they are using life 360. Presence has not changed in any way in st application.

Same problem 2.18 update broke presence. Reverting to old 2.17 fixed presence for me.
Im going to also add that if you have the connect version installed as well, remove it. I have seen in the past that the connect app trys to take over phone as a presence sensor and just makes more problems.

1 uninstall 2.18
2 install 2.17
3 sign into app
4 open google maps so location info updated
5 go to smartthings app open market place
6 add cell phone as presence sensor (even if your phone is already in smartthings). This triggers the app to prompt for location and other permissions. Allow those. (might need to try twice)
7 Shortly after step 6 you should receive another prompt about battery optimization. Allow that as well so that the app can check presence in background.
8 Turn off auto update for apps

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Hasn’t worked for me unfortunately. Still permanently “present”. Glad it worked for you though.

update It did eventually update me to away.

Me too. Support ticket raised this morning, but no response as yet. Glad I’m not alone. This isnt the only issue with 2.18. Crashes no sooner opened first time…

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