Smartthings Classic App update to 2.18.0 broken features

With this new version , some 3rd party icons are no longer displayed.

Especially devices which use custom device handlers are not displayed well because of missing icons.

Of course these icons are external links to 3rd party web sites. But they were working well before this update.

I downgraded to old version of the app (2.17.0) and I see that the icons are displayed fine on this version. So it is “back to normal” for me. But this means I will not be able to upgrade to 2.18.0 until this problem is fixed.

Also , mobile presence is no longer working for me on 2.18.0 as stated here:

Working here, no missing icons either.

Quite a few threads on this already.


Amongst other features I have noticed dead (like Health on Zigbee as of Nov 20 and the app crashing when I open it quite a lot) I just tried to change the picture on my Cell device and the app fails to do this and jumps back to the previous screen.

SHM seems to be messed up as well as some of my automations

version 2.18.1 is released
this solves mobile presence issue
but the icons are still missing.

Still can’t set pictures on device and health is still broken :frowning:

Yep! They screwed the pouch…

I rolled back to 2.17 and just purchased HE

The wife was a hard sale, when I started this about 4 years ago. With all this mess now, I can not continue to stay on board. Happy wife, happy life.

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I would miss WebCore toooooo much to change. I know they have the Rule Machine, once an ST staple, but as an old programmer I love to just do my thing in code.

Suggest reporting it to

I’ve already done that. Maybe you should too.

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icons are still broken for 2.18.1

yes. have you contacted support for that ?
I am already discussing with them. But they tell me that it is just me who reports this problem. they believe, most of the users do not see this as a big problem.

Yes, I just submitted a ticket with them from the page. It is a problem for someone new to the custom device handler as I have not used it before, and I have to guess where/what each icon do.

Can you post a ticket number as reference?

what do you mean ?

If you report an issue by mail, than you receive a ticket number.

yes. so what ?

If you share the number, than people can reference it, to show it is the same issue.

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I don’t think that’s necessary. Everyone can open a separate ticket.

And I have multiple correspondence with the ST support team. On my final mailings I don’T see a ticket number. But on the previous one it is [#837528]

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