ST Blows DST Again... Again... Again

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@bravenel’s post above was in March 2015 (which, in turn, referred to past failure(s) of DST), and here were are a year later, March 2016, and basic DST / Sunset functional still fail?

:question: Yes … that’s a question mark, because I really can’t believe DST isn’t being handled properly.

  • I’m in San Francisco, CA. Timezone: PDT (UTC-07:00).
  • I’m using the SmartThings developed and officially supported standard SmartApp “Smart Lighting”, because I am considering migrating to Hub V2 and want my lighting automations to run 100% locally to minimize latency and risk.
  • I just edited and re-saved a super simple schedule that turns on 3 lights, -15 minutes (before) Sunset.
  • Sunset will be at 19:18h; therefore the lights should turn on at 19:03h.
  • My lights were just turned on at 17:34h; 1.5 hours early. If we were still on “standard time”, Sunset would have been at 18:18h, and the trigger should have been 18:03h. Where did 17:34h come from?

The parameters and current schedule of the SmartApp are pictured below:

I used the new “Update” button in the IDE on the Smart Lighting and child SmartApp … no change.

My Location Specs

Zip 94112 is in San Francisco, but not the closest Zip to my Location PIN which is correctly identified in the Lat/Long Coordinates.



They are running into some major problem today. It is not solve as of now >>

Thanks for the reminder, Eck, :weary:

The Status Page indicates a major problem with Smart Home Monitor, not basic sunrise / sunset scheduling, except for the ongoing issues with Scheduler that, well, shouldn’t affect the next execution time scheduled for tomorrow in the SmartApp. My sunset lighting hasn’t been working since … well, Sunday, the first effective day for DST Sunset.

Smart Home Monitor Issues
Investigating - Some users are experiencing issues accessing and controlling Smart Home Monitor. We are investigating the issue and will provide updates accordingly.
Mar 15, 12:13 EDT

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Look again! It’s out all over the board. And it shows too. Lots of bad stuff going on, unresolved.

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Several threads since Sunday…



Yah… I am both venting and trying to see if I’ve missed something obvious (besides the amber warnings on the Status page with very few details).

The Topics ought to be merged.

Pet peeve: The Search :mag: function doesn’t seem to prioritize results to emphasize more recent Topics… March 2015 shouldn’t be relevant for this anymore. But it is, isn’t it, in sad way.

But is still up, so they’re still okay!

Does that really need to even be on the Status page? I almost feel like that would be the LAST item to ever go down (and the least important one if it ever did).

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There are “options” you can use in a search.


On top of that there is a sorting button, you can sort by latest post.

Although, I still usually just google what i’m looking for and the relevant information is at the top… It’s also integrated you can see it in @JDRoberts’s post, but I still usually just straight up google it.

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Greetings - This my first post. Like you, I am not happy that something as straightforward as DST adjustments can’t happen without issues. This is the 2nd time in three years. My old X10 Home Automation program what was ancient by today’s standards could deal with DST with ease. Come on SmartThings - you should be testing and re-testing your DST handling each year to ensure your customers aren’t dealing with lights coming on early or late.

Second item - I have suggested this to SmartThings as an enhancement to their app. It would be nice if you could go to the controller page and see what the hub sees in terms of the next sunrise and sunset. I have no good way that I know of for knowing what SmartThings will be using for sunrise / sunset. I noticed that you are able to get to a screen that shows it for your SmartApps. I’m scheduling my Routines and I can’t find anything similar to what you are displaying for a SmartApp. Any ideas? This is why it would be nice to be able to go to the controller page and see the sunrise / sunset for the current day. Heck, my ancient X10 application even allowed you to see the sunrise / sunset values for many days in the future so you could see the adjustments.