Smart Lighting schedule not updated to reflect Standard Time and not correct for my location

I have a lighting automation set up using the Smart Lighting Smart App to turn on my front porch light at “sunset -30 minutes”. Since changing to Standard Time, the light does not come on until it is already dark outside. It seems like it’s coming on at what would be sunset if we were still observing Daylight Saving Time (although not exactly – more on that below). I have deleted and re-created the rule, and no change.

When I look at My Location on the Developer site, it shows the time zone as America/New_York, and shows the precise coordinates for my home address that I set up in my account. Sunrise and sunset times are listed as 7:58 AM and 6:43 PM, which are not correct for either New York or my city (Atlanta) in DST or Standard Time.

What the heck’s going on here??

Try moving your geolocation and then moving it back.

If you are referring to setting the hub’s location by dragging the pin on the map in the ST app, I’ve done that. No change.

move it to a location in a different time zone. click save. wait one minute and move it back to your correct location and click save.

I dragged the pin to Los Angeles and saved. Refreshed the Location page on the Developer site, and it updated, but the sunrise and set times were still way off for that location. It showed 4:58 AM and 3:43 PM. According to Google, sunrise in LA is 6:36 and sunset is 4:45.

I dragged the pin back to my real location and now still have inaccurate times but they are even further off than they were before. It now shows 9:51 AM and 7:21PM! What the what!??

contact ST support at

Support email sent. Waiting for unhelpful canned response. :wink:

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Another thing you can try is login to the ide and find the weather station smartapp and refresh it there.

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Alright, this is weird. I changed my location in the new ST app (I’ve been using Classic.) Or at least I tried to. It didn’t actually update, for whatever reason. Classic still showed the correct (old) location on the map. But now when I refresh the My Location page on the Developer site, the times are correct. So it now seems to be working, but I don’t know why.

So frustrating. I wasted so much time on this! Thanks to all who have offered suggestions.