ST Blows DST Again!

Many of us remember the disasters of the last change from DST.

This morning, my time restrictions are failing. We are in Arizona, so we don’t change to DST, and are still on MST. My time restrictions are failing as if we switched to DST (an hour earlier). Logs have the correct time, including that it is MST. Even the time restrictions in the mobile app show MST. So some part of ST thinks we have changed times, when we haven’t.

My phone seem to think I was at MST if I let it apply automatic time zone. I had to override it to AZ.

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My phone knows what’s going on, including AZ - MST. Just ST screws it up. Besides, these time restrictions have nothing to do with the phone, really.

In all fairness Apple can’t even get it right most of the time…
(Peoples iPhone alarms not going off.)

Slightly off topic but honestly, I think it’s time to just scrap daylight saving time all together. The confusion it causes just isn’t worth whatever minute benefit we get these days.