ST, anything new with IOS 10?

ST folks, can we get excited about any new functionality coming with IOS 10? Maybe an ST widget? 3d touch? Anything :)?

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Nope. Been using it since the 1st beta.

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I’m asking about ST and any future updates they might be releasing with added ios10 features :grin:

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They still haven’t taken advantage of TouchID which is 2 years old, iPad Landscape mode which is 5 years old, watch os2 which is a year old. What do you think? :wink:

Besides I am not even sure what ST can do in iOS10 differently. Siri is only limited to specific types of apps. Their hub is hot HomeKit compatable, so they can’t take advantage of the Home app.


There already is a ST widget; been using it for a while now.

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Indeed. :sunglasses:

What I’d really like to see is 3D Touch support. Maybe the last three devices you’ve controlled could be in the pop up? That would be sweet!

Anyone else noticed that the widget doesn’t work if the main ST app hasn’t been accessed in a little while?
It used to work pretty much 100% which for ST is fantastic but now unless I’ve used the ST app in the last hour or so the widget button shows red once pushed and I have to switch to full ST app.
BTW the ST app is loaded and in background when I try this.

Judging by the five active threads already discussing this issue, I would say yes. People have noticed. :wink:

Smartthings support has looked at it, acknowledged it’s a bug, and said it will not be fixed until the next app release.

Doh that’s what I get for not searching properly!
Cheers @JDRoberts

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No problem, I mean think about it: in one week we had at least two platform updates, a mobile app update for each of three operating systems, and iOS 10 come out. Figuring out which if any of those introduced a new glitch wouldn’t be easy. :sunglasses:

Yeah even more so when both have so many ‘undocumented features’ :grinning:

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The fix for the logout issue and widget issue is code complete and in QA and Approval process. We expect to have the release out in production in a week or less. Until then we have made it a little easier on users on iOS. If you open the app once every 48 hours you shouldn’t see the widget issue.

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Agreed. Here is my vote for landscape ipad mode.