iOS8 widget

I’m sure you all are working on a widget for the pull down screen in ios8? Evernotes look is super slick and it would be really cool to see some tile toggles in the pull down menu for ST. Any idea when you’ll get to that update?


I am not so sure. Android has had widgets and actionable notifications for years with no support from the SmartThings app.

Well I have android, and I have to admit it would be nice. But, I would rather see them stabilize the current system, and improve the support of current devices. Then worrying about a widget right now

This is what I’ve been looking for since I bought ST.

If you’re on Android, consider using Tasker to create widgets to call SmartThings endpoints.

Thank you, I will look into it for myself. But, it sounds like many people here are looking for an IOS equivalent. Is there such a beast?

Closest I’ve found on iOS8 is the Launcher+ widget. This only launches the ST App though.

If you’re still running iOS7 and can jailbreak, then a combination of activator actions & Custom notification widgets work really well - you can set up individual actions.

It would actually be great if we can pull the notification center to see what state the Hub is set to "Home, Away or … "

Also… some quick status which we can configure/see:
For example: Motion Sensor at Family Room: Motion Detected

Yes this would be great. I recently finally added the switch I got with the kickstarter package and it works great however it is a pain to unlock, launch the app, find the device and turn it off. A widget with selectable devices and actions would be very helpful

+1 for widget please and thanks!

@Ben Can we get an update on this?