Specific user unable to view devices


we are a company that produces smart device, and we have developer and certified SmartThings integrations for all of our devices. They work correctly with all users, but one user in particular does not see a specific kind of device (shutter).
On our side, the user is linked to that device, and we do return its Correlation ID correctly.

We suggested our user to open a ticket to SmartThings support, but the response was that the device type is not compatible with smart things. We have checked on our developer dashboard and the device type is correctly configured. We have also many other users that make use of that device type, so we would like to discuss about the specific case.

We as the developer would like to be in contact with your developer support (tried reaching you through the regular support, but they told me to ask the question here.

If possible, I would like to be contacted privately as solving the case might require some confidential information about the user, the number of the ticket they filed, etc.

Thanks in advance

I’ll tag this for @AlejandroPadilla and @Ivan_Luis_Falleau from developer support. They may suggest e-mailing them on build@smartthings.com instead.


Hi @shapourn, I’m from the Developer Support team

Feel free to contact us at build@smartthings.com, I can track the request when the user tries to add the device and check what is happening.

Important information that I will need

  • timestamp when it happens
  • If possible the requesteId
  • more details about the device

Thanks for the help @orangebucket

Thanks for the prompt replies, I have sent an email to build@smartthings.com with the required information.

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks!