Cannot create device profile

Whenever I tried to create the profile, server rejected with,
There was a problem submitting the device profile.
Oops! Backend service is not available. Please try again later
Is something happened in my account?

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @SJ_Hwang!

Can you share the configuration of the device profile you tried to save, please? It can be a screenshot, I just want to see the capabilities and components
I just made a test and I was able to create the profile, if I use the same configuration as you and it’s successful for me, then, the issue is only on your side which I’ll report to the team.

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Hi nayelyz,
I just added switch capability along with health check, no other components.
Same configuration was fine before, but I reopened the developer account after closing it - I did it because I thought there’s MNID mismatch problem (always got error during the paring with the flashed device), so decided to start from the scratch.
I guess that’s reason, can you please request team to check my account? (***)

Yes, it definitely broke something. For future reference, if you have issues integrating your device, you can contact us here in the Community (@nayelyz, @andresg) or send an email to
This action is not suggested because the Developer Workspace shows a warning about the usage of this button:

I will create a report about this, just a heads up, this can take some time to be reviewed. As soon as I have more information, I’ll let you know.

ok, got it :joy:
Thank you for the support!

Hello, @SJ_Hwang.
The team made some corrections to your account, please verify if you’re able to create a device profile now.
I suggest you log out and log in again, it would be even better if you deleted the browser’s cache as well to force a refresh on the Developer Workspace site.

Cool, it works now.
Thanks! @nayelyz

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